Saturday, January 1, 2011

Levels of Fun

Rockin' the new year- Goblin Style!
I hope everyone is having a nice new year thus far! Mine started out with trying to get my new Android replaced, or rather has carried over, into the new year. I'm trying not to get too mad about it but it's pretty infuriating to spend most of your new years eve (day) trying to get help with a company that has their heads up their rear ends. I did manage to get done in time to go out for dinner, I thought I'd be stuck at their corporate store all day. Lame. So for now I'm playing the waiting game. I have a feeling I'm going to have to yell at a few more people. There goes  my new years resolution!

I've been mainly playing lowbie characters and really enjoying myself. It's nice to do quests and mundane things in WoW and EQ2. Holiday stuff, leveling and all that good stuff. It's not so much being bored as just enjoying different things.

The 1-60 game in WoW is so well done. It flows easily and really is so damn fun. The humor added into the quests makes me smile. Johnny Awesome and the Kingslayer were two characters I really got a kick out of, enjoying the quest line. Oh, and Dumass he got more than a few laughs out of me.

Mr. 'Uber' Kingslayer
Johnny 'Jenny' Awesome
My Paladin easily hit about eight levels this week. The levels fly by. The heirloom gear and the 5% xp bonus from the guild isn't hurting either! I didn't plan on playing this one up as I have a paladin on another server sitting at 80. But it's been so fun that I just kept playing and gaining levels. I even had someone call me bro and spit on me ( He was jealous of the pretty pally on the pretty sparkle pony, I bet)- Ah the embrace of WoW's communit.

Not everyone is an ass. Recently I was messing around and attacked an Alliance who didn't notice he had flagged, being too close to a Horde town while questing. He logged over and asked why I attacked. I thought 'Oh great, here it comes, he's going to rage at me for killing him..' But he was actually really cool and laughed about it. We ended up being friends and he's a real cool person. Sometimes you make friends when least expected.

Dire and I decided to make a couple of Goblin alts which currently sit around 14. I decided to make another Lock just because the idea of a Goblin Lock was just too fun to pass up. I really had a blast doing those quests. They were fun, humorous and quite enjoyable. All except for the cave quests towards the end, which bugged and I didn't realize it right away. By then Dire laughed at me and moved ahead in the quests.

Pool Party!?
Baby Naga, I never knew they existed...
Closing in on the end of a lovely adventure.
Dire is playing a Goblin Mage whom he named Abeblinkin. He laughs every time he says it... He likes the Mage class changes in the leveling scheme of things. I like them also, much nicer than the old way they worked. I just can't stick to the class for some reason. But yay, he can port me everywhere, one day!

EQ2 has been fun too. I've been doing holiday quests getting some very, very cool rewards. A snow machine for my house? Yes, please! It's really nice to take my time and just enjoy things slowly and not rush through it.

I've only hit 15 with my new little Fury but it's fine that I'm going slowly. I found that one of my good friends in playing there too and my old guild from CB is too, which really was a nice surprise! I was very happy to find that they had moved servers. I even had a nice stranger help me with a quest I needed help to finish, it's such a nice change when people go out of their way to be kind.

That doesn't look too safe...
I plan on hitting up the city festival, which is Gorowyn, to help furnish my naked house. This week I also plan on finishing up a few more Frostfell quests, I love these, and do some more holiday crafting. Maybe I'll even get the elusive snowman pet?! I hope so. He's a gift from Santa Glug, there is a chance to get him each day or another reward.

I've not played EQ2 as much the past few days but only because I've been trying to play some WoW with Dire Abeblinkin (lol) while he has some time off from work.

Long post, I know! I probably won't be posting again until the weekend is over. Where have you found unexpected fun, in your games? Is it at the top of the leveling ladder, or do you have fun climbing it once again? Sometimes it's not the level but just a state of having fun and enjoying things as they come, for me. Happy New Year everyone! Be safe and all that jazz.



  1. Why no more posts before the weekend's end? All well I hope...

  2. I'm looking forward to the new 1-60 as well, though I'll be doing that on the Alliance side with my Worgen Priest. You're right, it doesn't take long to level at all, and I'm not even wearing my heirloom pieces because I knew if I did there would be the possibility of making me outlevel the content. I'm going to try to skip as little as possible.

    And I might have missed it in your previous posts...but what happened to your Android?

  3. @ Bronte- Just a busy weekend hehe!

    @GC- I was thinking about taking my heirloom gear off because I am leveling so fast! Add in herbing and mining and it is going way faster than I thought it would. Who would have thought you could get decent XP from that?!

    My (stupid) Android is acting up dropping calls and I can't get any help with it, it's not even 30 days old. Really fed up :(




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