Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Here And Now ... And Then

2010 MMO releases were such a disappointment to him...

I've finally gotten things sorted out with my Android. I got a shiny new one after fussing and complaining for days and days. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the oil. I'm glad to finally have it settled, it was starting to really bother me.

As 2011 moves in I can't help but look forward to some of the new releases ahead of us. I'm interested in Rift and GW2. I think probably GW2 the most, though I don't see any news of a release date yet. It will be one I am definitely getting, just to have another fun game with no-sub, I can't resist. Plus it looks really good.

It seems the most interesting one closest on the horizon is Rift. I'll probably end up playing this just for the sake of having something new to play. It looks interesting too. I've read a few beta impressions on it but I haven't really got much of an impression from them that it's really awesome, it looks good, looks worthy of a shot. I've watched some developer videos and it seems they have a good direction on mind, lets see if it pans out.

I'm sure there will be more enticing things ahead for 2011, but I try not to look too far ahead and lose sight of what's in front of me. But I'll get in gear for new stuff when new stuff is closer to my doorstep. Until then I'm going to keep happy with what I'm doing. I've gotten hyped up over games in the past with severe disappointment, not doing that again.

Please, 2011, no more crappy games! Or rather, get it together, developers. Stop trying to raise the bar- but- instead falling painfully below today's standards. Harsh? Yes. Reality? Check.

One of my biggest disappointments of a (past) new (FTP) release was Allods, whom I will use as an example of that not to do. This game had some major funding, polish and HUGE potential. I was so excited about this game.

DON'T force players to buy things out of the cash shop to even be able to enjoy your game.
DON'T Make only two starting areas so we have to fight over mobs or just quit in frustration.
DON'T forget to add in an auto attack, we have to have some entertainment....
DON'T follow Evony's ad campaign tactics- For you look like the biggest asses around.

We have NOTHING else to offer so we pimp our toons out.
Seeing this ad recently (the ass actually moves on the screen in the real ad) made me realize where the company is, or rather- where their heads are, up their asses (lawl). Is your game that bad where you have to resort to trashy ads? That's all you've got?

So here's to wishing 2011 has more class and brings some better MMO games to refresh us. We need newness and good solid game play!



  1. Rift looks interesting but I fear another Aion. I'm probably to give it a month or two before jumping in just to be sure. But I'm curious about it.

    Myself I'm looking forward to Star Wars (being the geek I am) and also The secret world. TSW is mainly for the Lovecraft theme.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking the Aion thing too heh. I'll have to look into it more before deciding on where I stand.

    TOR looks good but I'm not big on Sci-Fi... so another one I'll have to wait and see.

    TSW does hold potential but... we'll see.

  3. Wow, that ad totally makes me want to play Allods now, and I don't even know why!

    I didn't realize just how bland 2010 was for MMO's; there was STO...and that's all I can think of. APB and Global Agenda are not what I would consider your traditional MMO, so I guess the year was filled with patches, an expansion and STO. Pretty 'meh' really.

  4. Yeah it just felt meh. I suppose I had bigger hopes for Allods, it looked so full of promise.

    I don't even think Evony uses those ad tactics anymore. I actually saw a normal ad yesterday (no 'play secretly my lord' BS lol).




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