Monday, January 31, 2011

Everquesting (EQ, EQ2)

EQ has Goblins too! Well, if you're a Rogue ;)
This weekend brought me levels in EQ and EQ2 and a cold! I have a slight fever so if I start rambling... I have an excuse! I wanted to do a short post on how things are progressing in these two games.

Everquest is the one I play the least amount of time solo. However, this weekend I had Dire around and he was really in the mood to play lately so we did a lot of grouping, a lot more compared to the past week. I owe him a big thanks as he really pushed me to level 81 (yay!) with my Rogue. He swarms (grabbing a huge amount of mobs and kills them at once) and it nets in a lot of xp at a fast rate. Once he has aggro I start poking those bad guys in the back. So most of that hard work was on his behalf. He's awesome :)

We also visited some old zones over the weekend. Killing some old bosses and just reminiscing over the old days, it was fun. It's always a nice change of pace too! A friend joined up with us at one point which was welcomed. I'll share a few pics below. 

I finally feel like I am moving along with the Rogue as I've sat at 71 for several weeks working on AA points and I sat at lvl 70 for even longer, months. I upgraded my weapons which was a huge bonus to damage. Level 80 weapons are sweet, 85 are even better. I am aiming for 85 this week. I find myself wanting to log in more so, now that I am getting closer to the cap (90).

Everquest II has been fun too. I didn't play it as much as I thought I would, due to being in the other Norrath. I managed to get my new Fury to level 23 though. I also joined up with my old guild from Nyomi's server, they moved over to EQ2X. I was considering sending Ny there too, I miss her sometimes. I miss being closer to the level cap ;)

Is it hot in here or just me? Whew! I think I need to step outside and cool off. I'll leave you with some pictures from our weekend. Enjoy!

Plane of Growth, some old school fun. Yes, I am almost dead :(

Die Tunare!

Visiting in Kael

Swarming fun!

High Elves, Tunare (old model) and I (new model).

Iksar group. Fun with a friend of ours.


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