Friday, January 28, 2011

EQ2 Goes Mobile

I've been messing around in EQ2  a little bit more lately, on the EQ2X server. I was considering logging into one of my higher characters and hitting the cap before Velious but I really don't want to pay for a transfer to the FTP server and I like it there. So I've been working on my little fury, Sable here and there trying to gain her some levels.

I always miss some of the wonderful features EQ2 has to offer so it's nice being able to go back even without a sub and the FTP server makes so easy to poke back in and see if I feel like playing. I missed my house, as bare as it is it's nice having housing! I missed the ease of travel. I missed appearance slots! As well as a lot of other stuff.

So, that's probably what I will be working on over the weekend, with some Everquest thrown into the mix. Dire promised to help me with some AAs so I look forward to that.

Something cool I wanted to mention is the new EQ2 mobile app. I really wish they had one for EQ as well! It's really handy. Check your mail, chat with your friends check out guild stuff and more. Very cool indeed. I've had a few issues with error messages but I read they are working to improve that. And it's free!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. I've been looking for yas on Firiona Vie, but haven't seen ya. I played a good bit this weekend and got Mojeaux up to 24. Two more levels to go and Clarity!

  2. Heyas, I get slack and forget to check friends list hehe. Do you have me added correctly, Heavenli? I was on quite a bit as I got about 10 levels this weekend. But we play for 30min to an hour then log off, log back on later.

    Woot! Not far to go for clarity! Chanters are really fun, hope you're enjoying it :D I will look for you more this week.

  3. Oh, I know all about chanters, having played one to level cap (back when it was 70 I think)all the way from "vanilla" EQ and finally leaving a few months after PoP. It's the only robe-wearing-finger-wiggling toon I've ever had. Ill make sure to add ya to my friends list.

  4. Sounds good! Have been unwell the last several days so haven't been on lately. Maybe I'll catch ya on later this week/end!




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