Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Killin' Time!

What can we get into?
This evening (which is now tomorrow, thanks youube for being a PITA) I was happy to see a few of my guildies on. I had plans to make a little video while passing some time waiting on Cataclysm, which actually ran into more time than I thought! They were more than happy to help me and we had a lot of fun making a video tonight. It's short and sweet, something with some humor.

The thing about adding in subtitles is you have to keep them short if you have many short clips so I had to keep things short and to the point. While watching the first edit my son thought the subtitles too long and hard to read so I had a bit of editing to work on. I hope you enjoy the video, Walk The Plank sure did enjoy making it. See ya in Cataclysm!

And boo on youtube for doing maintenance while I was trying to publish!!!! NERDRAGE!

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