Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown To Mean Green Goblin Take Ov... Err Cataclysm!

Can we wait that long?!!

Are you ready for Cataclysm?! I sure am. When I first started playing again I figured I'd want to race to 85 and get the Hunter there first. I'm not so much feeling the Druid, maybe after a race change, but I am sure she will hit 85 in due time.

What I seem to be looking forward to mostly is making a Goblin! They are so cute, the look like little green pixies, well the females do. I'm not big on small races in MMO games. Most never really hold any appeal to me. Having a character with stubby legs and arms, where gear looks like infant wear, isn't that interesting... But the Goblins were so well done that they look like a fun race to be. Seriously they just ooze fun! The racials are sweet as well.

I do plan on making a Worgen too. I have to, I've been wanting to make one since I first heard about the expansion. And I do plan on leveling Clo, my Hunter, because I am interested in getting 85, I'm just not in a really big rush!

I've been mostly playing alts over the weekend. My Mage is level 16, she might end up getting deleted to become a Goblin! My Lock is 41 and I have another Paladin alt (too cheap to transfer my 80 back here), who is 20 now. Paladins are very appealing, I really enjoyed leveling this one up! With all the new quests in these areas it's just so much nicer leveling alts and you just fly through the levels!
He sparkles!

In the past I've mentioned that my serious alt days were in the past as I've played through these zones one too many times since release. With these changes it's not like that anymore and it makes me want to play an alt. Fantastic job Blizzard! It takes a lot for me to want to level an alt these days and it's really nice to feel differently at the thought!

I hope everyone has a fantastic time in Cataclysm! May your loot be phat and your levels be fun!



  1. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the new expansion and the fun times there will be on launch day!

  2. Did you make that pic?! I bet you did! Wow ..wonderful!! Love it. Great post too!

  3. @Jayedub- Thank you! I hope to have some interesting stuff to talk about! I'm so excited!

    @ Janet- Thanks but I didn't do those, I thought they were quite lovely and had to post them!

  4. Heya Kaozz,
    I forgot to tell you that this post (more specifically) the goblin was the inspiration for my new url name. Reading your comment about the goblins being adorable, in my mind I was thinking (yeah if you like demented!) I was thinking of the males. They surely look as though they are up to no good, hee hee. (Can I be more prejudiced or what?) Tsk Tsk...

    Anyway demented pixies didn't do it for me, although I liked the sound of it. A few minutes late I came up with pixels. Since that's what they all are anyway, and Demented Pixels was born.
    Uhm, sorry for the Wall of Text rambling /embarrassed.

  5. Ah cool hehe. They surely are crazy those little goblins! Fun and crazy!

    Check your email!




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