Friday, December 3, 2010

Countdown To Cataclysm!

Just a few days until Cataclysm! What will you do first? Will you be racing to 85 to raid? Taking your time enjoying the way? Rolling a new alt? Exited or wanting more time to finish things up?

I suppose I will level my Hunter to 85 first. I will surely make Goblin and Worgen alts. I think through this expansion my Warlock just might make it to 85 too. Currently she is what I've been messing around with mostly. I expect the Druid to hit 85 eventually, also.

It's like playing through a new expansion while leveling an alt now. I really enjoy the new quests and revamped areas. It's all so refreshing. The quests are enjoyable and it seems not as much running to hell and back is required to complete quests.

As for the Lock, it's very nice now that I am not depending on soul shards for everything! I like that I get the Felguard just for speccing Demo. I like how they've done a lot of things with the trees (for all classes) especially getting things for speccing into different trees. With demo I have no downtime and really the pet just eats everything up. last time I played her I was Affliction. It's fun with a new spec for now. I also hit level 40, last night. Yay, fast sparkle pony now!

Have you noticed prices have gone down?! Cold Weather flying is now 500g, roughly. Dual spec is only TEN GOLD! I like these changes!

So that's about it, in my corner of the world. I'm also mad at Sony Vegas today for crashing with my latest video. It has made me a sad panda... Hours of work down the drain. GRRRR!

Have a great weekend peeps!



  1. Probably make a worgen first :) But since I'm going to be rolling one and leveling with my husband, I'll also level my druid when he's not around.

  2. I can't wait to try out both new races though I'm sure I'll level a goblin before a worgen hehe.




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