Thursday, December 2, 2010

AFK- Cake Time!

Today for my BIRTHDAY, Dire snuck in with a cake, om nom nom and he also got me a pretty sparkle pony! I'm loving the pony and have one on each character, which is so nice. Instead of spending much time writing (he wants me to have some cake!) I'll just share a video. It's my favorite so far and I had a lot of fun making it! Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Happy Birthday, hope you have a lovely time today.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I loved the video :) hehe the troll and forsaken guitar thrashing was awesome :)

  3. Thanks guys!

    I'm having a lot of fun with making them, toying around with adding more together at once, in the next. Maybe a mosh pit next time =p

  4. Kaozz, Happy Birthday...
    Great video
    Ahh, the sparkle pony, not sure why I feel the need to hunt down people who ride them in BG's & kill them & their sparkle ponies. ;)
    I'm not sure why but this video always makes me giggle. I'm telling you that pony is really evil, watch them closely. ;) (just joking)

    Oh by the way, I love the song and video you provided.

  5. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great one.

  6. Happy birthday!!!

  7. Thanks so much everyone!!!

    Please don't hunt me down Pouncie! Going to check out that video.

  8. Just wanted to day... OMG that video was hilarious!!

  9. @Kaozz,
    It's a funny video. I can't say which part is my favorite, since I found it all funny. :)

    You would think I would love the Celestial steed since it does remind me of Pegasus, which as an eight year old happened to be one of my favorite creatures from Greek Mythology. I started reading that and Poe at that age.

    I do remember the day Blizzard released the mount, those who were prancing around on their steeds in BG's were insta-targeted and killed. I saw that on my 80's and my lowbie toons too, lol.

    I'm glad that you are having a great birthday, you deserve it. :)

  10. I was talking to Lono, earlier about those videos, I will have to watch the rest. The first was just so funny!

    I always liked Pegasus too so I just had to have one, in the end. I like pretty things that sparkle, so it's all good =p

    And thank you, Pouncie, it was a quiet but nice birthday :D

  11. And I just noticed I said day... instead of say* in that earlier comment.. I am getting slack lately.




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