Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ya Got Some Powerful Mojo, Clo

A new part was released, yesterday, for the Elemental Invasion- in WoW. There's neat loot to be gotten and much fun to be had. Some people might complain about the event but I thought it had a nice epic feel to it, with all the players pitching in with these battles they could be on a massive scale. You have to fend the cities to access the bosses. Getting a group for the bosses is really easy with the LFD system too.

I really had a lot of fun and took a bunch of neat screen shots, I especially loved it when Vol'jin yelled out 'Ya got some powerful mojo, Clo!' I got a real kick out of that and it inspired me to make a video out of all my pics instead of posting a ton of them up today.

Hope you enjoy it! Song title is listed at the end, for those curious.



  1. Cant wait to get home to watch this

  2. Hehe, had it down for a few to fix a couple of typos. It's all good now.

  3. This is beyond awesome. thanks so much




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