Monday, November 15, 2010

WoW, Free Week!

Back int he fray, as if I never left <3

This weekend I was feeling sort of lonely in EQ2 so I messed around with some free stuff like Runes of Magic. Which really is a cool game, but I tend to get bored quickly because there is such a large amount of quests in the first few levels. I find myself wanting to move on before it's time. It's a lovely game to pop into sometimes though. Right now I am trying to stay away from games where I am tempted to use cash shops and that is one I would be very tempted with!

Sometimes I like to make sure my WoW account hasn't had any trouble and I log into my account page just to make sure everything is as it should be. I've been pondering popping back into WoW before Cataclysm hits and just haven't taken the steps but it seems the choice was simple and made easy for me. I've not logged on in so long I was entitled to seven free days! That was enough to snag me- Thanks Blizzard!

I'm trying to drag Dire back with me... It's a slow process. I haven't set foot in an instance but there seems plenty to keep me busy, with Cata so close- Achievements, Farming, Daily Quests, Fishing and so on. I've already seen one of my buddies on and did an old instance run with him to try for a mount, it was like I never left.

My oh my have things changed on my characters. I still need to re-gem on my Hunter but she is pretty situated other than that. She is the one I am leaning towards for a main in Cata, however the Druid is pretty amazing with the changes. Balance, of course, is just so much more interesting and the damage is just wow! It's a tough choice for sure.

Still, I like the Hunter changes. I love no ammo, the pet changes, more (OMG) stable slots, I actually like focus and even though there are some things like the focus and removal of volley I think the class will even out down the road. It's too early to scream for the end of the world. This isn't the first class I've played that's been changed so much and it won't be the last. If I sat and cried about it I wouldn't enjoy the game for what it is. Six years of this, I think I'm finally getting thick skin ;)

So, I'm back, I'm happy and I'm getting ready for Cataclysm! Stop by and see us on Silvermoon if you're looking to kill some time before Cataclysm! If you haven't played in awhile... you've probably got some time sitting there too ;)

Interested in seven free days? More info here

-kaozz a.k.a.- Clo the 'leet' Huntard 


  1. Yeah, I was like screw the instances, there's too much to be done before cataclysm! Last week, my husband and I finished farming Zandalar tribe rep so we could have it before they do away with the ZG raid forever. Unfortunately, we never saw the mounts drop, and not even a raptor pet. Anyway, maybe that's something you want to do if you haven't done so already. Also check out the some of the cool events and pre cataclysm quests they have! I think they are in phase 3.

  2. Ah yeah I would like to try for those mounts before they are gone. We did awhile back and never saw anything :(

    I managed to get caught up with the elemental invasion stuff, it was pretty fun.

    Working on factions and old instance for now... Need to get Dire to log in and help me!




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