Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yesterday I found myself surrounded by seven cute, little baby dragons in the Common Lands. They wanted to share a story and asked for some help. It was really cute and I had even thought one might come home to live in my Neriak home. Alas, he said his mommy would be too upset if he never returned, so they ran off into the sunset when it was time to go home.

It's things like this that separate SOE games from other MMO games. You never know when something fun like a gm (and guide) quest will happen or interaction will pop up. Even many of the players hold contests and events on many servers, which is always refreshing.

Other than being befriended by little dragons I've been working on levels, my house (it's looking so neat! Check it out*) and tradeskills. I always find something to do when I get bored with one aspect I can find something else to work on. I sometimes miss my Inquisitor but I absolutely love the Necromancer. She is now level 63 and a 32 or so crafter.

This week SOE has a Super Fan Days promotion on station cash, 50% off. Pretty nice if you wanted to buy a mount or something more expensive. It lasts until 11/09/10.

Speaking of cash shops, I hear Mythic is selling levels for ten bucks a pop. Overpriced? How much should levels go for? Should they even be sold? Why even play? I don't know about selling levels, you may as well just sell max level characters. But... they wouldn't be able to milk all that money for each level. Right?! There is no way I'd pay ten dollars for a level, way too much. Personally I enjoy the leveling part of the game.

Wherever we go these days we're surrounded by more ways to make things easier in MMO games. If you make them too easy you take away incentive. Some games simply remove things that are huge time sinks with travel, death and so on, which helps a lot.  I'm all for things being easier than they were years ago but when you cross a certain line we are left lacking a sense of accomplishment. Well, to each their own.

Safe adventures all! 

*Mistmoore Serrver- 3 Walk of the Dead (Farrah)


  1. So you get to train the dragons and rain death and destruction on your enemies right??

    Even if this is not my kind of event I does sound awesome and I wish some other devs would do the same.

  2. I tried to lure one home to stay in my dungeon (yes, I actually have one in my evil Necromancer's lair, hehe). He didn't like that idea I suppose :(

    It is nice and refreshing to see stuff like this around. In the past two days I've seen three events like this going on.




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