Monday, November 1, 2010

EQ2 vs EQ2X

I had, well I'm still having, fun with all the Halloween quests in some of my favorite MMO games, this month. EQ2 lasts several more days still, so that is a bonus to run a few more quests I wanted to do again for this or that item. Yes, I'm back. I missed Norrath terribly!

I actually had decided to play up a character on the EQ2X server and wanted to do the FTP route but then I decided this was something not worth my time.  I got my little swashy to level 17 and just got a bit fed up. I would recommend to anyone starting out to at least subscribe the first month to get set up with bags, money and use of the auction house to get situated. It would make life so much easier. But if I am going to sub, I'm going to play one of my main characters.

It's tough starting out sometimes but with clever use of the broker/auction systems you can always make money in MMO games and get yourself rolling. Except in games like EQ2X where you don't have the option to sell unless you buy credits or a sub. This bothers me a lot. I couldn't even buy weapons, I skipped a few quests and of course I could go back and hunt for the ones with upgrades but I wanted to do the Halloween events this weekend.

So, I figured if I will play EQ2, which I absolutely love, I'd rather play on a non-FTP server with regular rules and the characters I love. I was just on a FTP kick the past few weeks and wanted to see how far I got into EQ2X.

I simply won't play it anymore, which I'd love to but classes like the Necromancer- if your sub expires... you can't log it in. Come on! Seriously?! Not only do I have to buy race packs, I have to pay a subscription to log into certain classes? Yes, it seems so.

I'm not bashing SOE because I love EQ2. I don't like the EQ2X options and how you pay for things you'd normally get with a regular subscription. I'd urge people to play on normal servers before going to the EQ2X server, if you are serious about playing and want a good atmosphere.

I also would be so much more inclined to use a cash shop if I didn't pay a monthly sub or was basically forced to buy options in the game that I'd normally get. I'd not be so picky about buying this or that. EQ2X could have been so great if they didn't try to squeeze the wallet so hard, I think they could have attracted more players and made more profit. Things like 35$ for copying a character there and you don't get to bring money or items not bound to your character? Why not make it free, attract more old players back in? 'You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar'.

I really wanted to say, "Hey, EQ2X is fantastic!", but I can't, for now. I get so much more out of my regular subscription and I enjoy it more. Plus I'm not dealing with the drama on the FTP server, there is plenty of it. Currently my MMO 'heartthrob' is EQ2, just don't add in the x and we're good.


  1. Ugh, I hate all these little techniques MMO companies use to wring a few more bucks out of their customers, they’re pretty much all guilty of that. The worst one is when you’re given something which is either degradable over time or requires you to log in often to maintain it.

  2. Yes, I don't like the ones that have you pay for something that lasts for like thirty days. Those are the worst!

    I love the addition to fluff in a lot of these shops but sometimes they are so overpriced.

    Sorry for the delay in posting, sometimes I get caught up with so much hehe.




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