Thursday, October 28, 2010

The F2P Quest Continues

This week I saw that Champions Online is going F2P. I wonder what will next? I'm interested in checking it out again and playing it a bit on the side with the F2P option. However, I wonder if it will follow into the footsteps of EQ2X and LoTRO where you still hit many walls, being more of a freemium than F2P. With those unlocking things requires funding on a constant basis instead of just having a game where people buy what they want and that is it. Me personally- I'm much more open to spending on a cash shop and sticking with a game if I am not feeling forced to do so in order to play.

I've tried out a few more recently and just had a brief look at them to see if they feel like something I'd like to play. I'm also downloading Runes of magic again to check out the player housing which I've never had a chance to check out.

Vindictus has been really interesting and kept us busy when we decide to play something. Yesterday the new character Evie was released with the launch out of beta. I've switched to this one and it's pretty fun. She can dish out some heals and some nice damage. The game is fast paced and it makes grouping easy, very similar to WoW's LFD system.

My only problems is that, more often than not, it seems the higher you get the harder the dungeons get, requiring a group. I like to mess around alone a lot or just with the husband and son so I don't know if it is the game for me. For now I'm sticking with it because it is a solid game and Dire just loves it. My son is even logging in playing on a regular basis also.

I like to roam around in an open world a little more and I've been enjoying Free Realms for this, especially the Spooktacular event. But.. Some other games I've tried might prove to be decent, I'm giving them a shot too. Just a brief first impression of them.

Atlantica, this game is different than most MMO games I've played. It's purely turn based. You have mercenaries which you take into battle with you. I liked the combat, while the graphics were so so, the classes were also decent. I don't know if I like the style of play but it is a promising game.

4Story, I like this game a lot. You start out with a basic tutorial that walks you along and you're helped along where you understand the basics of the game. It starts you out in more of a dream where you're 80, which is cool, then you wake up in reality as a noobie. I won't write this one off, it's cute and has some fun classes. Combat isn't bad either. 

Alganon. This game, I hear all too often, looks like WoW. It really does. Except the characters are a bit more crude. It's got potential I suppose. It's pretty fluid but some of the beginning quests are redundant having you run to more NPCs than you should have to. The free version only lets you play to level 30, not very interesting. I doubt I mess with it again combining all of this.

So that's about all I've been up to. I haven't logged into EQ2 recently, I miss it but just taking a subscription break for now. I'm on the quest for a great F2P MMO and currently Vindictus is the champion, let's see if it holds up against some other titles!



  1. My problem with Vindictus is that its made by Nexon and by extension it's a korean game. Meaning content reused way too much, a lot of grind and at some point you need to spend cash in order to advance.

    Not saying it's the same with Vindictus but that everytime I've tried a F2P Korean MMO thats how it ended up.. So I'm really wary here.

  2. Yeah it's the westernized version of Mabinogi Heroes. I wouldn't say it's the greatest game ever but it's really fun for something to play around with.

    As far as a grind it's very similar to instanced games like DDO or GW. Not exactly the same but similar, run the dungeon, get points, complete objectives, things like that.

    Rupture loves it and he isn't big on F2P games, he plays it every night. I was quite shocked he picked up on it!

  3. I think competition is becoming an issue once again and now even the F2P market is starting to become saturated with a lot of really good games. A way to make more money is by selling content you need in order to level, which is the path I predict Champions Online might go. Either way, it's a game I'd still rather pay piecemeal for than a monthly sub. I need a superhero game to play :D

  4. I agree, there are so many decent F2P games out there now. I remember when I first started playing MMO games you really couldn't find anything even close to what we have now.

    It is also nice for someone like me because I hop around so much! I do love my subscription games but it's nice to buy an item here and there instead of paying a fee, sometimes.

    Yes, I will be playing Champions for sure!




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