Monday, October 25, 2010

F2P Fun

Lately we've been playing F2P games. We let our subscriptions lapse as we have been busy. I suppose we miss our games still. I can always play EQ2X some, which I might later on this week. It's not been bad and we get to try some new things.We're just taking a break from the grind and playing here and there. It wouldn't be worth it, right now, to have subs going.

When I decided to try Vindictus my husband and son took an interest too. Dire has past me in levels already. He spent a bit on Sunday evening playing and he really enjoy it a lot. I am wanting to do more once the caster class comes out on the 27th. My son asked if I'd play it with him, which I was surprised about, because he isn't that big into many F2P games. It's been quite fun and we like it a lot so far. I don't know how long we'll stick with it but for now it's going pretty good. Dire keeps asking me if it is going to stay FTP, he likes it so much.

Besides that I've been doing the Spooktacular events in Free Realms. If anything can pull me back into this game it's the awesome holiday events. They are a lot of fun and this year they added in a few new quests as well as Team Vampire and Team Werewolf. Very cute and so Twilight. Sadly, screen shots and video are not working, (I hear they will for Mac but not PC), so all the cool screens I thought I had are not there. Grrr... *Morphs into a Werewolf and Howls.. *

Anyhow. When I'm tired and just want to mess around this game is perfect, I can mess around and do whatever without any pressure. It's fun and lighthearted all around. Nobody bothers me.

So, that's about all we've been doing. Checking out some other things this past week. I plan on trying some other FTP games and giving them a go.

On a closing note I hear Blizzcon was less than Cataclysmic, this year. I don't understand why they didn't hold onto some Cataclysm information for this. Everything is already out there and nothing really left to talk about. I feel for them, I think it was poor decisions this time around. Oh well, maybe next year they will think a bit ahead.

Safe adventures peeps!


  1. Cataclysm is really too close to launch for them to have the option to hold anything back. Marketing would most likely have been pulling their hair out and having regular psychotic episodes otherwise.

    That said, I haven't ever followed Blizzcon with much interest, so I'm not sure how "uneventful" this year was in comparison to previous years. They most likely trying to figure out where to go from here.

    They have the stagnant WoW, Diablo 3 and a vaporware MMO. This is Blizzard, though. They're gonna milk every penny out of their cash cow before going all out on any future projects. From a business perspective, I agree with the decision.

    As much as I'd like to lash out and talk smack about Blizzard, they do have some business sense. They know there is no real competition out there and they are taking advantage of that fact. I wish SoE had done that with EQ before EQII was even mentioned casually.

  2. From what I have read, everyone said it was pretty disappointing.

    I also read that Metzen wasn't thrilled about having Blizzcon this year because... there was nothing to talk about. I think he spoke about old cartoons and transformers.

  3. They could have held a smaller event like they had in the past to showcase the tournaments (SC2, WC3) and do the small Diablo 3 class announce there. They used to do that before Blizzcon and it was working pretty well.

  4. I agree. Give people something exciting to be there for. A little something at least.

    I'm sure it was still fun to go through.




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