Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Dedicated (EQ, EQ2)

Recently I gained my veteran rewards in EQ2 and EQ. In Everquest it was pretty nice, for thirty minutes a day I get a lesson to use, giving me an xp boost. In Everquest 2 I got a title- The Dedicated. I liked the title but I also got a magic makeover mirror. While this was great a few years ago... You can now change your appearance for one gold, anytime you please.

So while I'm basically getting a free gold for two years, seven year vets get a nice snazzy house- Free. Awesome... I feel so special. I couldn't even run the game when it first game out. My video card couldn't support the game. I suppose, if I really wanted to, I could pay for five more years on this account and get it... but I'm not really wanting to spend around 1k RL money in one chunk to get a snazzy house in game! So, that's not an option. Gratz to those who get one, it's gorgeous!

I shouldn't complain though, I'm just a bit jealous of that lovely house, I'm enjoying myself in the game again and making a lot of progress on my Necromancer. I hit 49 just this morning. When I picked her up again recently, she was in her low thirties so it's been more of the same with the level grind. Doing some of the quests I know will get me to the more enjoyable levels. In my opinion the game gets more fun around 50. I start to enjoy the quests more so.

I was worried about not making enough money on this server but lately I've been selling a lot of things and even saved up to buy my 52 master spell for my pet. I was pretty excited to get that as it was all of my money but I've sold a few more things and I'm getting more together.

The Necromancer is really an enjoyable class for me. I suppose it's a class that's always held a lot of mystique and one I really love to play. In EQ2 it's great, it's more so what I wanted in most games with a pet class. It was the first class I played in Everquest but in the end the class did more kiting than I want to do now (solo) and in Everquest2 the pet tanks- which I enjoy a lot more.

I'm still waiting to hear more on the Firiona Vie transfers in Everquest. I have many characters I want to play but I want to transfer them there to play with Dire. So I hope they tell us something soon!

Well, until next time. Stay safe peeps!

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