Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Around Norrath- Both of Them (EQ, EQ2)

Just some lovely screen shots of my travels in Everquest and Everquest 2. I'm loving my station pass <3

Cloudy with a chance of... XP!

Little houses for little Halflings...

Old world charm!

RIP Mayong!

I suddenly have the urge to count...

My uber glowing green nukes! What... ?!
Really, he was suppose to catch it...

I can has pets!?



  1. Hey, does the station pass allow you access to SWG too?

  2. Yeah it does. I still need to log in and mess around there too. So much to do =p

  3. Yes, SWG is on the station pass.

  4. Oo, simultaneous commenting. Kaozz only beat me by seconds, I swear!

    Speaking of too many things to do, I find myself playing EQ again. Should I keep an eye open for your Bristlebane characters, or are you playing elsewhere these days? =p

  5. Haha!

    I was thinking about playing my 81 (I think lol) mage there this weekend. When the free transfers open up they are all going to FV though- Have two accounts full of characters I want to move over there eventually!

    Should pop on FV sometime if you get bored! My name is Heavenli and Dire is Vittorio there.

    On Bristle... Geez I am ... Trying to remember! Nyomi, Mabb, Naudie, Dances, Angelil, Ashlexi.. I'd be on one of those. I can't remember all my chars but those are who I play the most heh. Probably Mabb though.

  6. I forgot to ask... Who are you playing on? Send me an email if you don't want to post any names up here! Would be cool to catch up with you in game sometime!

  7. My only Firiona Vie character, whom I haven't played in ages, is a level 20 (or something) ogre SK named Madulf.

    My main character on Bristlebane is Maitreya, a magician, though I'm periodically on my warrior alt, Merkava.

    (No, I don't start all my character names with the letter M, heh.)

  8. Hehe, suuure ya don't!

    I'll probably pop on sometime this weekend. I'll shoot you a tell if I see you on :D

    I like FV a lot esp that there will be an XP bonus added- woo hoo! I think the server merge ight be good for BB too though it looks like it's packed lately, popped on a few times this week to see how it was.




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