Friday, September 17, 2010

Something Old, Something New (LoTRO)

I've been saying that I'd give LoTRO a real try when it went FTP. Since then I've logged in a couple of times and logged out fairly quickly. However I said I'd sit down and give it a chance, I'm always intrigued by how much fun other bloggers, like Lono, MMOGamerchick and Syp, make it sound. There are several other blogs I read that have more good things to say about the game, so if everyone likes it so much, why not give it honest shot?

I sat down last night and decided to not play anything else until I at least got out of the little starting area where the game is closed off still. I made a Captain, it sounded like a lot of fun and useful. I'm still debating on playing a Burglar too. Anyhow, I got into a nice rhythm with questing and really had a chance to soak in and enjoy the lovely environment, I even ended up getting use to the chunky character models. If a game has great game play- models are something I can look over.

I actually had company twice last night and decided not to play anything else later on in the night until I got a real feel for it and you know what? By the time I had sat down to play it more later in the evening I was looking forward to it. I was amazed with how much fun I was having. I ended up logging out of Everquest early to mess around some more, before bed. I even had Dire looking over appreciatively at the game!

There are a few things I don't like but nothing is a huge deal. Little things like my desktop theme (Windows 7) changing colors every time I log in, then changing back upon logging out. Or when I unplug my headphones I have to set it back, next time I use them, in the options. I'm sure there will be more things but no game is perfect.

I suppose it's fresh and completely new to me. I love to give any MMO game a spin just to experience it. That's the gamer in me, the love for all things MMO and giving them all a fair try. I'm glad I did give this one a shot, I'd actually love to subscribe to it for VIP membership. I'm still thinking on it.

I loved the free mount I got in the mail, sadly it will be gone tomorrow and I get to hoof foot it again. Instruments in the game, wow. Playing music, that was the coolest damn thing I've seen in a long time. I found a great site with all this music you can play. I'm looking forward to housing and even more so the revamp ahead. I love fluff things like appearance slots and this game also has them- Yay!

So I'm pleasantly surprised and currently having a blast. I can't say how long I will play it or if I will play in spurts much like I do EQ2X. Right now I am having a lot of fun and I really am enjoying myself. I hope to continue my adventures in Middle Earth for awhile!

I play on the Landroval server, right now I've been on Heavenly- Add me to friends or drop me a hello if you play there too!

See you in Middle Earth!


  1. EQ2 misses you, and so do I.

  2. Hey! You back to playing? Thought about re-subbing last week. Mostly been messing around on EQ2X. I might pop back in soon though :)

  3. LOTRO F2P opinions have been coming in, so far it sounds like if you're going the free route, leveling can be pretty annoying so I'm sort of glad to hear your managing.

    When I first played, despite my female hobbit having this really strange and awkward run that I can't stand, I thought some of the first few zones of LOTRO are like the most beautiful environments I've ever seen in game!

  4. Hrmm.. I have nothing to gauge it against in terms of how it would be if I was subbing- Which I plan to do this week. Right now it feels about the same pace as WoW. I've heard around 20 it will be rough if you stay FTP but I don't plan on going that long w/o subbing.

    It is gorgeous, now that I've gotten out of the starting area, it's so pretty and Bree is really lovely!




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