Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow Week

Direwind Cliffs
I'm sort of tired today. At five AM my cat figured out what a door stop was- a new exciting toy, obviously. We were woken up by a loud series of BOING! BOING! BOING! Then he preceded to try to pounce the rat's cage making a racket and finished up the fiasco by attacking feet hanging off any bed in the house. *Yawn*...

I've sort of slowed down in leveling recently in Everquest. I hit 69 last night with my Rogue which went very quickly with Dire and one of his friends. He's been blowing past me with content and progress. His Shadow Knight is nearing 650 AA points and he already completed his epic 1.5 quest. Tonight he will be finishing up his 2.0. He has a good friend who helped him with a lot of it and had some really good luck with spawns. He's a monster at soloing where I struggle keeping a decent pace. Plus it's just more fun to play with someone else. I end up camping a rare item or working on a quest when I solo, while he plows through things. 

I've not really done a whole lot in HoT beta besides test out some classes against the new content and while I can't comment on it let's just say I prefer checking out the housing and reporting bugs and sending feedback in for that area. I need to log again and see if anything has been updated, try out some different things. 

Another day, another quest to tackle.. With my trusty kitty!
I decided to kill some time in EQ2X on the side. It's nice logging into the game whenever I want, I'm still a wee little Swashbuckler. I always miss EQ2 when I haven't played for awhile and I will probably always play it since it is FTP with EQ2X. Slowly I am making progress with my new character and I cannot wait for the Halloween events to roll around!

My character is so ugly it even scares her.
I'm actually giving LoTRO another chance, slowly. First step, complete the tutorial. Log out. Turn in a few quests. Log out. You get the picture. So today I am going to try to get out of the newbie area and actually see some of the game and get a much better feel for it. So, we'll see how it goes. I made a Captain but I'm thinking of making a Burglar too.

Variety is nice, it's wonderful to have different options when playing MMO games. Such a long ways from when I first started playing MMO games. There wasn't even a fraction of the choices we have today. Other than EQ, I think my other choices were UO and something along the lines Well of Souls LOL.

Game on peeps!

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