Friday, September 3, 2010

Free Realms Gives You Wings!

Free realms has some nifty free items out with the current promotion! There is an adorable Tinkerbell costume for girls and a Sparrow Man costume for boys. Along with these items there is a wand, a flair shard (creates sparkles on your weapon) and gossamer wings.

All you do is wait for it to pop up over the item code portion on your log in screen (refresh as needed) and watch a brief commercial and these goodies are all yours. I was pretty happy to log in and claim these yesterday, it's always fun to get free stuff, especially stuff this nice! Check here for detailed directions on exactly how to collect these items. 

I don't always play on a constant basis but when I do it's nice to come back to all my fun items like these. Next month the Spooktacular Halloween events will be rolling back around so I'll be popping back in on a more frequent basis!





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