Thursday, September 2, 2010

Change of Direction

Recently Dire and I had been talking about playing something else for a bit, other than WoW or just on the side. He always leans towards Everquest and we thought it would be nice to head back over in time for the House of Thule release next month.

I wanted to mention this, a few days ago, to my WoW friends and guildies but this didn't go over so well and in the end our guild decided to put things on hold until Cataclysm. I did feel bad but it was just mentioned to give a heads up and we still offered to raid with them even if we didn't log in as much.

More often than not people need a break from WoW and we just are a bit bored thus far in the expansion, I have leveled five eighties through it. We enjoyed raiding with our guild but other than that there was not much else for us to do . We've raided all the way through the expansion up to ICC. While we raided some content more than others we've been there through the expansion and ran our share of mind numbing heroics.

Since the guild was put on hold I suppose we will just break off the game because there is now nothing really left for us, other than friends. I prefer to only raid with my guild or friends and when they are not around it's dullsville. We do plan on going back when Cataclysm comes out. It looks pretty awesome.

I do feel bad that our guild was put off but in the end, we did offer to keep raiding but I think it was still upsetting to some. I just can't log in some nights when nobody is on or there is nothing to do, so in the end if I'm that bored I should take a break.

We re-subbed to Everquest and have been playing the mains a bit, I think we are going to make some alts again. I wanted to make something melee because I've never played a class that didn't have spells (very high) and I think it would be a fun change. I am leaning towards a Rogue. So we'll see how it goes.

We are playing on the FV server but I checked in on our other server Bristlebane and it looks really healthy since the merges. While FV didn't get a merge because of the rule-set and role play it's still one we really enjoy playing on.

On another note, we finally got to try out the new dps mercs! They are really fantastic. With my Shaman I decided to grab a Rogue merc as it would benefit from my enhancement spells such as haste and weapon procs. They are a very nice addition and I was pretty happy to be able to use one and boost our damage with this duo.

The bonus xp week starts today as well, so we'll be taking full advantage of this great xp! Until next time, safe adventures peeps!



  1. Hey, I don't blame you, if it wasn't for the Horde character I probably wouldn't be on as much either, and also mostly only because my husband plays.

    Sorry about the guild too, I know I'm pretty clueless as to what happened, but hmm, between your post and Lono's, something tells me there's more to it than what meets the eye. But regardless, your friends will always be there when Cataclysm arrives. By all means, take a break and play other games, I know I do!

  2. I suppose it was either all or nothing with the guild, in terms of what Lono wanted. It wasn't my decision to put the guild on hold but I guess it is for the best as we did have another member move on which would have left only four of us to raid. The guild is, as you know, small and sometimes not everyone logged on on a regular basis besides raids.

    You can only do so much when you grow bored in a game. We tried to still be a part of things but I suppose it wasn't enough. No hard feelings towards anyone but sometimes you just have to take a breather even if it is for a little bit. We never said we wanted to quit though and I think that is what it was thought as.

  3. Hey, don't feel bad. LIke I was saying over vent there's no point in playing if your not into it.

    That was the main issue for me. You did offer to keep raiding with us but I felt kinda bad as I felt I'd be forcing you to stay.

    I've been in the exact same situation not that long ago and I chose to keep going that time. It ended very very badly. This time around I'm putting things on hold and try not to burn anyone.

    I want a happy kaozz and dire and I willing to wait for cataclysm for that.

  4. Thanks Lono :D

    Everyone should be refreshed and there will be plenty of new content to work through with excitement of the newness.

    I'm sure we'll pop back in before long. We never stay gone for too long.

  5. Don't feel like the lone rangers guys....this is happening throughout the entire MMO world.
    We need that next great MMO to come down the pike.
    Most of us are bored and unhappy with the current choices of games out there right now, whether it's WoW, EQ 1-2, Warhammer, AoC... the list goes on and on!

    A fresh change is wayyyyy overdo!

  6. You need to make your Own game! Heh hehwouldnt that be grand!
    Thank you for Posting on my Give~away! Your Always there 4 me. My Girl <3

  7. @Greywulf- Oh yeah it's nothing new! I'm waiting around on two expansions which makes things feel so dull lol.

    Hopefully some of the games on the horizon will be good solid MMO games.

    @Janet- If only!

    Your Welcome :) Good luck with the give away!




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