Thursday, August 5, 2010

World of QQ

An oldie but goodie. Not wok safe!


  1. LOL I actually have not seen this! So funny and awesome, like all the most popular QQs seem to be covered :P

    And I totally did not see the Shammy bit coming haha. Too bad this was probably done before DKs, would have loooooved to hear the QQs there!

  2. Hehe yeah it's a bit old. Think I first heard it sometime during TBC.

    We were telling a friend about it last night and I thought it would be funny to share. Glad you got a laugh, I still chuckle every time I hear it LOL.

  3. Hehe yeah it was originally just a sound file and looks like someone redid this with xtra normal. We always laugh over it. This one is a little cleaner than the old one.




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