Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hunter Time!

I've been wanting to get my Hunter to 80 but I've sort of been dragging my feet for the last five levels. I've been bad with alts recently. The Death Knight I sort of drifted off of, thinking I could always just transfer my 80 back to Silvermoon if I really wanted to play another. I don't feel like paying for a transfer though and a race change on top of that!

I really do want to level the Hunter so last night I buckled down and got her one bub from 76. She is so close so I should get her there because I really have enjoyed the class over the years I have spent playing her. She will probably be my last 80 I level in this expansion.

I had specced MM for a bit but I went back to BM last night as it's just easier to grind out the quests. I got itnto a nice groove and it went buy fairly quickly so I hope to have her 80 by sometime next week. Then I get to work on gear from heroics and I hope to get her into a few guild runs when I'm not needed to heal with the Druid.

I am really excited about some of the Hunter changes coming about in Cataclysm. Camo is probably the most interesting looking one! There are also really awesome new pets we will be able to tame, such as the fox. I really want one of those!! While I have my prized ghost wolf I hear there will be even more room for pets in our expanded stables so I would like to collect even more pets!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!


  1. It's the thought of new pets and more of them that has me the most excited about my hunter. I keep making lists of existing pets I want to tame after Cataclysm with pencilled in names.

    The foxes definitely look adorable. I'm thinking I'd probably grab at least two different colours.

  2. I know! So excited about all the potential pets hehe.

    Yeah I was just showing my son the foxes, trying to decide which one would be the best looking one lol.

  3. I always drag after level 70. Maybe it's because I've already leveled 5 80s, and I have a level 73 or 74 Shaman I just can't bring myself to get to the end.

    And the foxes are friggin adorable!!! I'm so going to get my hunter one of those!!!

  4. I know, they just drag by after you've done those lvls over and over. This will be my 5th 80 also.

    I'm wondering how big the foxes will be. Would be cool to have a smaller pet. Foxes are not very big to begin with so maybe they will keep that in mind!

  5. Just saw you mentioned that alt was a Shaman. Hehe I have a shaman too... but she is only like 62. I don't know when she will hit 80, doubt this expansion lol.

  6. I loved my Hunter, she was great for soloing things. I still remember the satisfaction I felt when I killed one of those annoying Fel Reavers. :)

    What level is the hunter now?

  7. Yeah, the Hunter is a real fun class. She is almost 79 now, about 5 bubs away. Steadily chipping away at the xp hehe.

    Next week she'll be 80 for sure!




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