Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One of Thoe Days- Err Weeks...

Awhile back I remember posting that I wanted to play for me, what makes me happy. Currently I want to play my Hunter and have fun doing so. Tonight I suppose I have a lot to think on. My blood pressure isn't being done any favors lately with the playing of WoW.

Since hitting 80 with my alt it's been pretty rough getting going. The game is infested with a lot of jerks and bad players. Being a healer I can say 'whatever lets boot the idiot', but as a newly 80 dps class nobody cares about my say. I rarely have any problems with my Druid so this is really a big change. Honestly, I cannot go a day without someone being rude as hell. I just have had some bad luck I suppose and as Lono mentioned recently, people love to stereotype.

Everything from getting blamed for a Death Knight's pet aggroing mobs to having people sit there in an instance until you kick them- so they don't get the debuff. I'm not one to let things bother me but it's so often I have to question myself, if I can't finish heroics from being booted for saying, 'Um that wasn't me'... Is it even worth it trying to enjoy myself in this atmosphere?

If I didn't have some great friends in game I probably wouldn't still be playing. When my friends are not around the game isn't as enjoyable. While we recently formed a new guild and I'm pretty excited about it but it's been a bit dampened lately.

So what now? I may just end up sticking around with the Druid just to help on raids and cut down on my playing drastically. I don't know.



  1. Oh wow you have one of those ghost ex had one of those, I still remember how much work he went through to pull that off. I was just explaining to my husband the other day about them, and telling him how I wasn't sure if people who had gotten them were still able to keep them (because I know they took away the ability to make them pets at a later date)

  2. I got really lucky with this pet. Got him tamed on the first try and on the last night before the nerf.

    I did need the assistance of a Priest and a Shaman which luckily my husband and another friend headed out to aid me with getting the pet.

    I'm glad I did go for it, it's really a cool pet plus right now wolves are the best for raiding! All the cool looking spirit beasts can only be used in BST spec so it's nice not to have to worry about that.

  3. It's a shame the abuse DPS takes, Even on my healers or tanks I didn't mind if DPS weren't on top of their game, as long as they were willing to make an effort.

    Interestingly enough, a lot would say up front hey I'm new to this role, because I imagine they had gotten booted for low DPS. I never understood those quite too boot people. I would say, it's a heroic...relax. ;)

  4. It's been getting better as my dps s not as bad as it was. Gear is improving and I'm further towards the top. At the top sometimes! As I gain more gear and it boosts I know it will be less of a problem.

    It's hard going from being treated so much better as a healer. I do enjoy logging in on the Druid and having it much easier. But... I love playing both!




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