Thursday, August 12, 2010

Interesting Tidbits!

What's got you excited lately- some of the upcoming MMOs or maybe an expansion? I think Guild Wars 2 is looking really good. No monthly fee's, which I like very much! The thing about this game is that they did such a great job with the FTP model, I think it will be just as great with the next. Awhile back a reader sent me a very interesting link about GW2 and I just haven't had a chance to share it. Check it out here. Thanks gotbaka!

Everquest's House of Thule expansion is sounding very good. I'm wondering if it will be less severe on casual play than Underfoot. I do hope the group content will a bit less painful. There's a new video up on the website which is very interesting. If you're an old player like me you may wonder what is going on with some of those scenes. Some familiar places that appear to be in chaos.  I really love player housing so this was a real treat to hear about. You can check it out here. There's also more information on the new feature!

After watching the Destiny of Velious preview I was a bit homesick for EQ2.  It looks quite lovely and even shows a glimpse of the new flying mounts! I am glad they are being added in to the game. I've been trying to hold out for EQ2Extended but I don't know, I'm missing this game a lot lately. Anyhow... Check out the preview here!


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