Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Wanderlust Is Starting To Brew...

How often do you get bored with MMO games? I find myself bored again lately, as it always happens. However some games have a higher burnout factor than others, with me. I have lasted much longer with WoW than I had expected to this time around and while I am not looking to leave it at the moment I do need something on the side. I suppose there is a lot that really burns me out in WoW. The community, I end up only playing when my husband or friends are on. Am I really playing for fun then? I 'dunno', if they quit I probably would too. I get sick of the GS game, the mentality that we need to rely on add-ons to tell us everything from -if someone is a decent player, because it really is a skill check (right?), or just to tell us to get out of the fire.

So I've been thinking about options on the side. I actually went silver on EQ2X. I was feelin' the vibe, all happy and in my little cocoon of MMO happiness. Then I tried to use the broker (EQ2's version of the Auction House). I have to be a gold member in order to use it! Well then why the heck am I playing on this server? Why would I pay the same subscription fee and get much less?! I really have enjoyed the time in EQ2X and I'm still playing it but being that restricted really rained on my picnic. Then there is the fact that Dire will not play it.I was considering subbing but really if I do, why not play on the live servers and get more bang for the buck?

So, I was thinking Vanguard. While this game isn't as catered to and sort of left to fend for it's own with the server merges, it still seems like a lot of fun. I also immensely enjoyed my time spent playing the trial. The penalties seem a bit harsh compared to most of today's games. Really, is that such a bad thing? It just might have a more dedicated community at the top, because of this.

I was thinking also of Guild Wars or DDO (which I currently have downloading) but I think the whole instance thing isn't what I need right now. I need a game to explore and wander around. I think I have wanderlust! I am the MMO version of Tasslehof Burrfoot. Well, when it comes to the urge to explore and wander... I don't have a topknot nor do I have the urge to pocket small shiny things!

Dire has mentioned Everquest again. That's always his backup plan. I think the closer to House of Thule, the more I will want to play it. I really want to have my own housing in Everquest. I don't know if I am up for this right now though. While there are so many, many, many... many places to explore I sort of just want something 'questy' with a lot of fluff, at the same time.

Ah, I suppose I'll end up doing something soon. For now I'm just playing WoW some with a little EQ2X on the side. Lately though I don't always play. What do you play on the side when you need some fun adventuring away from the hub-bub?



  1. We wuv you!!!!

    Seriously, if you don't feel like logging in don't. I'd love to have you around for the raids and if you want only to log for that its cool too. You don't owe us anything and I don't want an unhappy Kaozz around.

    I hate to say it because I'm really relying on you to keep going but seriously, if playing WoW makes you unhappy don't.

  2. Aww :)

    I'm not going anywhere. I just need something on the side. When nobody is on it's pretty boring. Maybe I'll work on another alt hehe.




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