Wednesday, August 25, 2010

EQ2(X)- Free Play & Free Mounts!

Recently I was thinking- Why bother playing EQ2X when I can just get the same and a bit more for my money on the live servers? Then I got to thinking a bit deeper *pulls out the thinking cap*. I'm mostly going to be playing solo and the class I want to play is a Swashbuckler and I can always log into the server and play this class even if I am not paying a sub, which is a real nice perk. No more missing those holiday events (two a month at least) because I'm subbing to EQ or WoW that month.

I'm still up in the air on it, I worked hard on my Inquisitor and would like to get her those last few levels to 90. Ok maybe not a few but 12 levels to go! I play a lot of games so the FTP aspect when I'm not subbing is really enticing to me. I am having some reservations still though feeling a bit 'nickle and dimed' with this version but maybe I can get past that.

Something to note about the server is you do get housing even if you do the bronze membership! You can still do many quests and if you play anytime soon the  Druid Ring Event is still live with plenty of items to deck out the house with, plus the monthly quests with oodles of items! If it is currently in a zone too high for you to participate in you can always travel to the previous lower zones and still do those.

While the good faction got New Halas as a starting area with lots of goodies there was a revamp for Darklight woods. Gorowyn is still decent but I think Darklight is better now- Some really cool house items just as halas gets and armor upgrades. I also noticed a new plushie (one of those rock 'dudes' outside the Neriak starting area) and a lamp. I am sure there are more but that is as far as I have gotten in that starting area. So, in my honest opinion the best starting areas are New Halas and Darklight Woods currently.

Not only do they have nice starting armor and cool little bonus items they offer mounts. Yes mounts! I am not sure of the speed and they are the basic black and white models. You get them upon completing quest chains as you level in these areas. I'm thinking around level 18 or so, which is easy enough to get. For a new player this is a very nice bonus. The New Halas mount is the New Halasian Courser and the Darklight Woods mount is the Neriak Destrier. Currently there isn't a pic in the link for the New Halas mount but it's the same model for the Neriak mount, only white.

There were some changes with the recent patch, GU57, even if you are a new player some of these things are worth noting. Check out the notes here. Along with the changes EQ2 now comes with a built in quest tracker, it rocks. 

As always, feel free to pop in and say hello or add me to friends, I play (EQ2X) a Wood Elf Swashbuckler, Foxy. See you in Norrath!



  1. Hiya Kaozz,
    Has EQ already gone to the FTP model? I'll definitely check it out when/if it does. My schedule is still busy, don't want to spend money on something if I don't have time to play it.

    I might be going to a local WoW meetup. Although I'm not playing the game, I still interact with a few of the people from the last guild I joined. I don't know whether you remember, but I had put Pouncie in a local guild before I left the game. They're a social bunch and are have real life meetups a few times monthly.

    Let me know what realm you're on, when I load EQ2X I'll pop on and try to catch you online.

  2. I finally got the client downloaded and started my character a couple days ago. I think I logged out soon after that, and now I can't remember my name LOL. I will add you up next time I log in, whenever that may be. When do you usually play? I might need a guide heh heh :D

  3. Hey Pounice!

    Yes, I remember. That is really nice you guys still keep in contact. I do hope you have a nice time if you go!

    There are two models for EQ2 now, the live servers and the FTP server. It's just one server for EQ2X currently and it's really populated. A lot of people are moving here just to start over, or so I see in the chat channels.

    If you do try it out add Foxy to friends! It's the only server Freeport.

    Hey GC!
    I play in the evenings mostly on and off. It's pretty nice once you get rolling, lots of fun quests. The starting areas are really great. The really cool thing is even if I out level you I can always mentor down and come group with you. I hear WoW is implementing something similar a bit after Cataclysm. It's much needed!

    Mentoring was great when my husband played. We could always, always group no matter what level who was.
    P.S.Oh and if you guys don't like the models you can hit the alternate appearance button and see the original models. For some reason they made the SOGA models default, they look better for some races than others!




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