Monday, August 2, 2010

Druid Again!

Dire and Nyomi, the dynamic duo now Taurens!

It's been quit some time since I played my Druid. She is on another account of mine and while I won't get into depth on it, it was compromised and I had to contact support to get back into it. The support rep who assisted me was great, he even waited on the phone a little longer just to make sure I could access my password reset email without any problems. I'm happy to have things back in order after taking my break on her.

Recently my guild has been having trouble finding dependable and decent healers. I decided I may as well step in and help out. Raids almost getting canceled because of lack of healing, healers not showing up, getting saved to other raids, bad pug healers and so on, lots of reasons why.

Last night I ended up healing for our second ten man ICC group. This was our first run with the second group there. We had to pug a few people and I really had to pull a lot of weight with a rude and bad healer which we had to replace at one point. When people are not pulling their weight it makes things harder on those picking up the slack. I did get a nice new dagger and some leggings which was very exciting!

The good thing about the Druid is it's one class that you can be under geared but still really exceed expectations on. I don't like healing as any other class. I love the Druid. It fits like an old shoe. Probably because I've been healing as a Druid since the days of MC, ten man ubrs, lbrs, and so on. Some people mesh best with certain classes. I've healed in the group and raid scene with the Priest, Paladin and now Druid through this expansion and I'm happiest as the Druid.

My Clo!

I'm now a Tauren and it's weird. I've never played one before, besides on lowbie alts under level ten heh. I didn't want to stay on Alliance and not play with my friends, just to be a pretty little elf. When Cataclysm is released I will definitely be changing to a Troll! I love the class too much to let a simple race bother me enough to not play it. Nothing wrong with the Tauren but it's just not a race I'm crazy about being.

What about my Priest? My ol' man will be playing her for awhile. I still have my Hunter for a dps class. It's about time I got her to 80. Five levels to go! Plus I have the lovely ghost wolf, too cool not to play her. She has a lot of history and is a character I want to continue with.



  1. LOl, is Dire taking a dirtnap in that picture? :)

    I love Taurens, the lore surrounding them and the gentle laugh of the females. I do miss Pouncealot /sighs I even love the females dance. I've found healing to be a lot easier on the Druids as opposed to my Priests. Although I think I heard people saying that wasn't always the case?

    Many congrats on the new dagger and leggings, it's always a nice feeling to get upgrades!

  2. LOL, I guess the angle looks a bit off. He's tanking. We were trying for the tiger mount in ZG this weekend.

    Years ago we had to strive a bit harder in some areas. We didn't get an ooc rez which really made the class less wanted in 5 mans. Repawns prevented running back in. I've always loved healing with them best.

    The Taurens are cute and cuddly but it's hard to get use to after being another race on her for so long.

    Ty, yes it's always nice to get upgrades. They will be put to good use!

  3. I took another look, it was just my tired eyes. I see he has a shield and a sword. Yah know I was going to say if he was taking a dirtnap you should have pointed & laughed since he gobbled up all the Mac & Cheese! ;)

    I love ZG, don't miss any of the new raids but I do love the old ones, even though I was introduce to most of them in TBC and WOTLK. ;)

    Yeah I get your point, I cannot see Deimonia (my gnome Warlock) being anything but a gnome. Yah know I started to download WOTLK yesterday but I cancelled it...

  4. Haha yeah he would have deserved it!

    Aww you should play again one day! I always miss it when I'm gone. Sometimes though we need a good long break. I suppose one day I may leave for good too. Not anytime soon!

    Yes, those old raids were great. I miss them sometimes. 40 mans were chaotic! I think I like 10 mans the best though.

  5. I agree, Taurens are adorable! I love the way the male Taurens sit, with their legs stretched and their huge hooves sticking straight out.

    And go druids! I agree, healing on a druid is the most fun ever. Both my feral and my boomkin are dual spec'ed resto, so I can heal on either of them whenever I want. There's just something about managing all those HoTs that appeals to the OCD part of me of keeping everything nicely timed and sequenced :P That class really is something else.

  6. I was afraid when I saw endure had disapeared :) happy to hear your having fun on the druid.

  7. @GC- Yeah they are really cute. Just hard to get use to it lol!

    I love Hots! It's so nice to be able to roll them over everyone and keep them up. For some reason renew just never feels the same...

    @Lono- Oh she is still in the Guild, hubby has been raiding as her so often you will see both of them at the same time lol. Yeah having a lot of fun!




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