Saturday, July 31, 2010

Guild Wars- The Real Deal: FTP

Recently I've felt the urge to log into Guild Wars. It's really nice because it's always there when I want to play. It's one of those free to play games that is truly free to play. While they do have cash shop items you can buy it's not in your face and advertised all over the game or every time you see a loading screen. When you play free you don't get limitations on what you can and can't do. Everyone plays free! So, it's always refreshing in that aspect. Guild Wars is the only FTP game in my opinion that got it right.

I decided to make a new Ranger to play through the Nightfall campaign. Plus in the past I picked up the pet pack and I can access it right off the bat with her. This enables you to go into Zaishen Menagerie and pick out any pet you want to tame. It's really a lovely zone and has many, many lovely pets. I picked out a cute white Polar Bear.

I haven't gotten her very high yet but it has been fun just wandering around questing when I log in. I don't have to group if I don't want to, I have my henchies and Koss my hero. This was another reason I wanted to start in Nightfall. I wanted to get the hero characters to take along on my travels. The hero characters are a bit better than henchmen. You can actually control what they cast and you can force them to do what you want.

Another thing I like about guild wars is you don't go around in armor that looks as if it was scavenged from a corpse. You get to pick out sets as you level. It's all bought. Really the biggest choice is which set to wear. Dying the sets to a color you choose is nice too. I often like to wear my costumes though. They are quite snazzy.

So it's nice being back. If I wander away she's there waiting on me, my little Ranger. Guild Wars is a unique game. It's even more so unique in the way of FTP compared to the directions of many other games claiming to be FTP.



  1. Hey! glad to see your enjoying GW. Couldn't get into it myself but I felt you needed a bit of a break. Sorry to have missed you last friday, was in a bit of a hurry

  2. Hehe, I'm always like that. Still playing WoW just some other stuff on the side here and there like always.

    Ah maybe I'll catch up with you later on in the week :)Healing again, but as the Druid now.

  3. That pick it up, put it down freedom is what I'm really liking about GW right now (other than the gameplay I mean). It's nice to know that if I want to do something else or just plain don't have time to log on, I'm not "wasting" my subs money.

    Game subs are actually incredibly cheap entertainment per hour, but I think we're still built to want to get value for money. If you're paying and not playing, you're not getting that, and the subs model is designed to encourage LOTS of play.

    It's nice not to have to feel compelled to log on. :P

    And yeah, I enjoy Nightfall a lot more than the other campaigns. So far Factions has killed me almost immediately with every char I've tried (admittedly I was a 2-day newb) and Proph, while a good intro to the game, is... brown and feels somehow more on rails, more grindy, and less free.

  4. It's probably the biggest reason I always keep it as a game on the side. It's always there, I agree it's a nice feeling with no pressure!

    Yep, I've played all three and I think the Nightfall is really a smooth expansion to play through. I'd say it's my favorite especially with the heroes.

    While Factions is the fastest it is really not as enjoyable. I sometimes miss the original but if felt it too ages to get through all that, as you said, brown rails content hehe.

    It's a great game that truly feels free and even if you take a break you're not missing out and you're not being badgered to buy all these items like most FTP games.




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