Saturday, July 10, 2010

Something Old, Something New

As the World of Warcraft Turns...
I can't say that I really want to head away from WoW. I suppose it's a mixture of things that I will have to ponder on. For now I am still playing happily, well as happy as can be expected. I'm flat broke from my raid last night, so many repairs. We ended up downing Rotface but past that we had trouble. We did have a different healer who blabbed and blabbed on vent, my head wanted to explode and our MT logged on late because of work so there was no spot for him. So.. I think we were weak on healing honestly and our dps (mine included) needs to improve. I did get a snazzy new bracer! I was excited about that.

I do need to get some money together. I wanted to work on my alt this week but when raiding is sucking up the money I make playing here and there, meh, I suppose I will have to just farm for a couple of days. I really would like to raid as pure dps class. I push my limits, but having no cd's to pop, no burst.. well it gets old. I can blow up AoE and do 20k dps WOO! Yay for trash! Like it really counts! Really my guild isn't one to focus on dps and most of the time I am towards the top, it does bother me lately though. I do love my Priest, I suppose I need another caster class to refresh me.

Something Old, Something New...
I decided to pop back into Allods last night since they have had some changes for the better. I decided to make a new character since it has been some time since I last played. I went through the tutorial and right at the end the npc bugged and I could not turn in my last quest. I realized she was on the stairs and I could not get to her. I was not too happy. Let me try to log out ant hope this fixes it. Newp.. It reset the tutorial to the beginning. Yes! Just what I wanted. Hrmm should that be a clue to not play? Ah well, I'm still going to play around with it some. At least until I get bored.

I am kind of looking for something else for us to play in the future. Dire just seems to be not having much fun in WoW anymore. He's not even logging in lately. The lack of a solid guild, I don't think the one he is in is taking off too well, being mistreated over GS for absolutely no reason and just of lack of things to do. I want him to be happy and have fun with what he is playing. So I'm just keeping an eye out for something he might like.

He's mentioned going back to Everquest. Last time he only stuck with it for a month. This was because we were moving and getting a better connection (EQ plays well on any connection lol) and he wanted to raid in WoW with this connection. But he hasn't been able to raid much.

If DAoC wasn't so dead I would get him to play that. I've always wanted to go back to it and play it some more. I just hear it is pretty dead these days. I don't even remember the slightest in what to do! I suppose that would be the blind leading the blind! I might check into this one though, see how my old server is. I don't know for sure, something else to think on!

I'm always open to suggestion! Anything fun you'd like to recommend for a fun MMO? Have a great weekend people!


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  1. No suggestions here...
    I'll eventually check out LOTRO to see how I like it. My daughter and I are slowly working our way through Lord of the Rings movie (I've seen it many times it's her first time) we're watching about an hour nightly, we started watching it on Saturday.
    Anyway, I've always wanted to check out the game, to see how I like it.

    Oh I did get feedback from ESRB regarding my complaint about WoW, I'll have to post it on my blog. It's not the first time I've complained about a rating; I cannot say enough good things about their feedback. Sure, I know it's a form letter, but there are many organizations that would not even have bothered to send that. ;)




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