Friday, July 9, 2010

Real ID- Unmasking Us? Part 2

So, it seems that Real ID isn't going to make it to the forums. I'm happy to know this. The game isn't turning into a complete three ring circus. Although the game has evolved so much in the last several years, sometimes I don't recognize it in my nostalgia for that simplicity the game once offered.

I checked out the forums over the last few days and they had exploded with concerns about Real ID. I'm glad Blizzard backed down. You can't expect to clean up your forums by scaring people into not trolling. That is the lazy way out. I think Blizzard would have lost a lot of respect and subscriptions.

This whole fiasco has left me sort of jaded with WoW. Sure, I love the game but it seems everything is on display and it's just mutated into some carnival monster with everything on display. I suppose the game leaves you feeling rather exposed when you realize how every little thing is monitored down to your gear score.

Yay for those of you who spoke your mind and stood your ground on this issue. People were heard and, for now at least, we still have a little bit of privacy left in this 'sham' of a fantasy World...of Warcraft. Me? I have some thinking to do, I just don't know know if it is enough of an escape for me anymore.

Read the official post here.



  1. It's nice that they changed their stance, but they did sign an agreement with Facebook so well it's not over. No apology on its part, which as a business owner is simply bad PR. They also didn't close the door on the issue, 'at the moment' was the word used.

    Yep I was one of those who cancelled along with giving my reason why. I posted on quite a few forums about it. linked to ESRB's complaing form, and filed my own complaint too.

    However I won't be going back to WoW. I simply didn't like the way it handled this, and I don't trust them. Sure I love WoW, but this really turned me off.

  2. Wow yeah some quite valid points Moondancer. Its a shame that the game has changed so much from the old game you so well liked :-( I too would be well turned off and yes its not over..the fat Lady hasnt sung yet! lol

  3. Oh and thats one gorgeous Woman art work!!

  4. @ Moondancer- I agree with you wholeheartedly. I finally found my place again and have brought myself up to speed on content as well as I can.

    I just don't know if I'm up for this circus act anymore. We have some thinking to do. I may head back to my good ol' SOE heh.

    @ Janet- Yep, it's sad. Oh and yeah I thought it was quite a lovely pic!




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