Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Creature of Habit

Last night we decided to make a couple of new alts to play around on, in WoW. I made a Warlock and Dire a Priest. I'd like to play these up to 80 and have something fresh to play. My Priest has been a constant character since BC. While she will always remain played (I adore my Priest) it' is nice to have another alt to fall back on when you start to run out of things to do or just need a break. Plus I enjoy all the old zones. 

If they don't make it to 80, no big deal, they are meant to be fun. We decked them out in heirloom gear and the levels went by pretty quickly, it's not hard to level in WoW anyhow. Tonight I need to grab my level 10 Lock pet quest. I love having a pet, ever since my first days in Everquest. I think the love for that type of class has always stuck with me, I have mentioned this before... I'm redundant sometimes ;)

Aside from WoW I've still been playing Free Realms with my son. I was actually quite surprised he wanted to stick with it. He isn't playing it all the time but he plays it often enough, even logging in when I'm not on. It's a fun and relaxing game for us to play together and I enjoy the time spent with him. In the pic that's my boy on his cool new surfboard. He was quite proud of owning one of those.

It's nice to have something else fun and lighthearted to log in and play. I can see us playing this together for awhile now. He may tire of it at some point but I am sure we will always come back. I am a creature of habit. I always seem to return to my games, missing them after too long away.


  1. Warlocks are so much fun; I'm on my second one. My 80 lock, is my gnome, Deimonia. I could never faction change her so I had to make another. She's a blood Elf lock, but I'll be switching her to a female Orc. Female Orcs is my favorite toon in-game.

    When I do goback to WoW, it will be for my Druid and Warlock. :) I've tried them all, taken quite a few to 80, but those two are my favorite classes!

    So... I'm guessing we'll see a EQ post one of these days. You're like a butterfly flitting from one flower (game) to another, lol. I love that! :)

  2. Hehe yeah one of these days I am sure I wilkl head back to EQ or EQ2. For now just trying to enjoy WoW with the ol' man!

    I had a 60 Alliance Lock ages ago I love the class. She was on another server so I didn't end up sticking with her. I want to play the class again though.

    Yes, I must have the worlds shortest attention span these days! I suppose variety is the spice of life! BTW I need to email you, hope you had a great trip, I am exhausted tonight!!

  3. Tho I never think I will play I love to watch yall!




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