Monday, July 5, 2010

Authenticator Time!

This weekend our authenticators came in the mail. They got here faster than I had thought they would, I was pretty happy. I attached them to the accounts and they are pretty simple to use. A little extra typing but it's no biggie. The Core Hound pups are really adorable, a little loud though! I love vanity pets so I was excited to have one of these.

As you can see in the pic, at the very top, I finally got a piece of T10, the shoulders. Very exciting for me! Slowly I am gearing up better and making progress. My guild is starting the raids a little later in the evenings which is a bit better for me. They started quite early server time, it was almost too early to expect people to show up. I'm thinking of leveling an alt on the side just for something else to do. I would like to go through the game one last time before Cataclysm, my last attempt didn't last long.

Dire is still playing both sides of the field. He wants to play his Mage (Alliance) and still has not had any luck finding a guild that raids late on either side. So he just hops back and forth on his chars since he can't raid with any of them (well since he can't find a guild). He has found a few pug raids but more often than not they go bad. I think the Alliance has more pug raids though so it might be better for him there. I don't know what to do to help him, I've tried to get my guild to raid on the weekends (several members have asked for this), no luck though. I've been scouring the forums for a guild for him with no luck.

I have been looking for a late night raid guild and if I do find one I suppose we will both join it so we can be in the same guild. If they are out there, I am having a real tough time finding them! We did find one, but they are the second ranking guild on the server and he is too far behind to join them, so that was disappointing. Even a guild that does more on the weekends would be a plus, they all require raiding through the week in the evenings.

I have hopes we will find something for him. It's what really makes high end fun- raiding, gearing up and seeing the content. Really there isn't much else to do, besides PvP, when you want to play 'seriously'. Wish us luck! Have a great week peeps!

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