Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lil' Game Hunter

Yesterday I ended up getting a few very cool pets. I got the Frigid Frostling from Ahune! I noticed that I was pretty close to the Lil' Game Hunter achievement so I figured I'd pick up a few pets to finish it off.  I saw the Elwynn Lamb for a decent price and snatched it up, it really is too cute. So now I have my little Fawn pet which is simply adorable! I love pets and all that fluff.

I recently joined a new guild. I've been looking for one to raid a couple time a week with. So far the guild seems nice and today I am suppose to go on my first raid with them. They are currently doing 10 man ToC, while I would rather be doing ICC, it's been a real pain in the arse trying to find a guild. I mean, really , how do you meet people anymore in this game? At any rate I was very glad to find a new guild.

I was in a guild upon finding this one, it's one my husband has been in for quite some time. They use to raid but they don't do much of anything besides pugs anymore, randomly. So, I decided they were not for me, I wanted a more active guild.

Things have been going well since being back. I am still waiting on our authenticators. I saw that they are already out of stock again, I got to them in time!! I've never been to catch them in stock so it was nice to finally be able to grab them when I was checking.

Welp, I need to run off and set up vent for my raid and get some consumables ready for the raid! Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2010

    I'll be getting my core hound pup soon since I finally ordered an authenticator :)

    So much hacking going on these days I thought I better tighten up.

    On another pets point I note how much the argent tournament pets go for on my realm.... very decent money maker if you can stomach the grind that is

  2. Aww, isn't it cute! Congrats on the pets. I've always liked them.

    I'm loving my pet in Torchlight.

  3. Hey P! Very cool, it is nice to have that added bonus of security.

    Yeah those pets go for a lot, I bought one of the alliance ones and actually added one to my collection from the horde side just to get the achievement. I could have saved the money but I had a bit extra to throw around hehe.

    Moondancer, you should so much fun with that game. I haven't played it in awhile I need to finish it up! It's really a great game. I've neglected my offline games lately.




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