Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Everquest Mounts and DPS Mercs

Today I received an email from Everquest urging me to come back. It seems Everquest has joined in on the cash shop mounts. I must admit they look pretty snazzy. I currently have a LoN mount but these are really nice. I'm sure some people will rant on this but it's not like this is anything new. You can check them out here.

Along with mounts the DPS mercs wait is over. The ad above mentions they will also be available in the cash shop. So far I just see them available in LoN and the standard so I suppose it will take logging in to actually see. Ah, I let my sub run out! Well at least there will be some interesting stuff to look into upon my return. Read more on dps mercs here.

Finally some new hotzones!

20 - The Lavastorm Mountains
25 - Blightfire Moors
30 - Firiona Vie
35 - The Gulf of Gunthak
40 - Goru`kar Mesa
45 - Natimbi, the Broken Shores
50 - The Broodlands
55 - The Bloodfields
60 - Barren Coast
65 - Arcstone, Isle of Spirits
70 - The Elddar Forest
75 - Loping Plains
75 - Blackburrow

Safe adventures in Norrath!

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