Monday, May 31, 2010

Upcoming EQ & EQ2 Expansions (*Spoiler*)

Will Everquest have another expansion? Of course! There is a buzz about on the forums it seems. Players are calling it House of Thule. Is it true? Looks to be the case (search it). What caught my eye is players talking about housing, I'd love that but...who knows. I'm sure they want to save the good stuff for Fan Faire, lets hope it's worth the wait! Morell Thule.. Terris Thule.. Cazic-Thule.. Ah, the possibilities...

And..just because I am in a very nosy mood today. The EQ2 forums have hinted at Velious for the next EQ2 expansion. It looks like it will be Destiny of Velious (search it). Halas is a teaser, getting us in the mood for the icy world of Velious ;)

These were the two latest records listed, so there ya have it!


  1. Wow you sure have the Inside info!
    Good writings Kaozz :)

  2. See, being inquisitive pays off, hee hee. :)

  3. Ah, I just took some info and ran with it. Never know what you'll find out =p

  4. Very good journey and experience!




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