Monday, May 3, 2010

One of those... Weekends

If anything could go wrong this weekend, it most likely did. It started with a huge chunk of money missing from our bank account and ending with us having to cancel direct deposit and looking for another bank. Not going into details- but it left us pretty wrung out by Monday. As if that wasn't enough, Dire's monitor was having some major issues. No problem we have another old one sitting around. That one was actually broke too.. So finally we get the monitor issue settled and... his video card goes. What a weekend. On top of it he says he wants to quit gaming because he is so fed up with the problems. Until he gets a new card (using the on-board) EQ2 will run pretty poorly.

Other than that I didn't do a whole lot this weekend as far as gaming goes.. I did get to 71. I filled up my house with Freeport festival goodies, I still need a few more. I had some tokens waiting for the event though. A friend treated me to a few items I was lacking also, which was very cool! I had a fun instance run with some friends then Dire and ran Shard of Love for him, with the help of my Wizzy Friend. He hit level 54 this weekend which was nice. It sounds like a lot but merely just a few hours of playtime here and there.

I've been playing around on a few new little alts, nothing past 10. Not sure if I feel like leveling up an alt for fun, at the moment. Then it comes to the decision of what I want to play. I'm kind of stumped just yet. I will just go with what I feel like playing day by day.

I wondering if Dire would play something else less taxing on the PC, just to keep him with something to do. When he gets home late at night there really isn't a while lot else to do to unwind. He uninstalled WoW about two weeks ago. He probably has 300 gigs free.. I don't know why he would remove stuff with that much room.

Other than that I am sort of waiting it out on Halas. I do want to make an alt there, buy a cozy little house there and play through the new content. I hope it shows up soon! EQ2 Wire reports that the Halas Prelude Event is live but it is given out by EQ2 Staff- GMs Guides and such. So I'm still a bit hazy on this. Hope everyone had a better weekend than us!

Have a great week!


  1. Hey Kaozz! /hugs

    Oh you've been through the wringer. I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm hoping your issue is resolved soon. That has to be quite unsettling.

    Oh the festival looks like a lot of fun. I love going to festivals IRL, so it's nice to see when they do things such as that in-game.

    Oh by the way, my 'main' Horde toons play on the Bronzebeard server. :)

  2. Thanks Pouncie :)/Hugs

    Yeah I love festivals too IRL or IG!

    Thanks, one of these days I'm going to pop in there and check things out.




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