Friday, April 2, 2010

Puttering Around (EQ2)

Yesterday was full of jokes. It was also Bristlebane Day in Everquest2, the biggest 'prankster' in all of Norrath. The event is lasting for awhile still, however there were some things only available yesterday. I made sure to head out to the Enchanted lands in order to do these quests. There were some cute rewards. Dire got a chance to participate in one, this gave him a chance to see Antonica. He hasn't seen a whole lot of places yet so it's fun to show him around.

The City Festival for Qeynos is here, I've been waiting on this to come around. I really like these. Lots of goodies to rack up on for the house, food items and appearance tab clothes woo! I had quite a few city tokens saved  up from doing status quests, but still they were not enough to sate my desire to 'pimp' out my house. This evening I will be collecting more tokens to buy a few more things. I'll have to show off some of my work this weekend. My house will be a work in progress for quite awhile though. It is nice to keep adding to it. I think I may try a few different things with the rooms yet.

I've not really gone out xping alone as I've been busy with the events and quests tied to them. Also puttering around in my house hasn't helped! Last night my friend wanted to mentor down and do Runnyeye with me, my connection was acting up so that didn't happen. It would have been nice, maybe this weekend will go better.

Hope everyone has a fun filled weekend!




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