Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

This isn't MMO related but as an artist I find this simply amazing. The History Channel aired a program: The Real face of Jesus last night, where graphics artists use the Shroud of Turin to create a 3-D image. The information that was found and used to create the images was quite impressive. Is it the real face of Jesus? It might well be, or perhaps not.  I'm not going to debate it. There are claims it is in fact fake from carbon dating, or the carbon dating was done on an added square of fabric, the most touched part of the cloth and so on. However, the massive amount of work done was simply stunning and the effort to pull this face from within the fabric- I wanted to share it. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!


  1. That did look like an interesting program. Ill have to make a point to catch it. Happy Easter.

  2. Thanks, hope you had a nice Easter as well! It's pretty good, a really good one to watch.

  3. I've seen this program as well and absolutely loved it!
    You could tell that the creator of the 3D image,Ray Downing was deeply effected by the amount blood and abuse on the image!
    One of my favorite quote from Downing was that throughout history we interpreted some view of what Christ may have looked like, this project was only a 21 century version of that same interpretation.

  4. Oh yeah, I noticed he was quite passionate and at times emotional about it as well. That man is a very talented artist.

    It was truly an awe inspiring program, glad someone else appreciated it!




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