Monday, April 5, 2010


This weekend while we played we ended up doing a lot of questing. Dire ended up getting 33 and I 38. We did some heritage quests and got sidetracked several times doing other quests we found along the way. It was a real nice pace. The game really offers a lot to keep us busy and we've been busy, too many quests to know which to do first! We laugh at times about how many we start with and how many more we end up with along the way. Many mobs drop quests while questing. This truly is Everquesting. I always mentor and it's really nice to be able to do so. Dire has plans to park at this level to gain more AA for awhile, get some quests done. I want more levels to get past where I have previously been. He keeps telling me to stop leveling to just AA, I remind him of the yummy mentoring (200%) xp bonus he gets while I mentor him.

I am very drawn into the player housing aspect of this game. When asked in Guild Chat 'What are you doing', I often reply with 'Playing house'. This weekend I decided to add some 'stairs' to my front room so I could have a 'loft' above this room. I am pretty happy as I made it into my garden room. There was no upstairs in this room, I had to move flooring up off the floor to make it appear there is a second floor. It's very fun to be able to add to the housing like this. I then had an empty room downstairs where the garden room was. I decided to make it into a tent like room. I am waiting on Moonlight Enchantments to come around on the 20th so I can get some patches of grass maybe a patch of sky to go on the ceiling. It will be a work in progress for quite awhile!


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