Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guild Wars Revisit

I've been looking for something else to play on the side. I generally only play Everquest with Dire, and I just wanted something laid back to play around with also. Something with some depth but not a huge time consumer. Something without a subscription would be ideal. I decided to pick back up on Guild Wars. It's been several years since I played last. I haven't even had a chance to see the latest expansion Eye of the North. It is such a gorgeous game, one I remember the scenery nostalgically. It is nice to be able to absorb it all again and explore in these lovely areas. Some I like better than others though.

This was one game I played for quite awhile and had many level 20's. This time around I want to recapture the feel of the game and completely start over. For now I am toying with several characters. I want to pick one as my main, currently I am leaning toward the Ritualist. If not that, possibly a Dervish or Ranger. Although I have one of each made still in the low levels. One character for each campaign! Hrmm.. Maybe a Elementalist too.. Oh and maybe a Necro!

The beauty about these campaigns is they all have such a different feel. Factions is very fast paced, if you really try you could get 20 in one day-given you played hard enough. Nightfall is a little slower paced, faster than the first though. Plus you get to access heroes quicker (Hero Henchmen- You can actually control these, they are yours to take wherever you go). Prophecies is the slowest paced of all three, if you haven't played this is a very rewarding one in terms of questing and story line. I made a ranger just to go through this campaign with.

One thing I don't mind in this game is alts. With the dual class system you can make some really interesting combos. Plus there are several areas to go through the game to level. I just love the classes in this game. I often have had the urge to come back and revisit Guild Wars. I am glad I have, it's really fun again for me. I think it's been around three years since I last played.

While I don't always like feeling secluded from the rest of the players there isn't any kill stealing, plenty of mobs are always up for my quests. If I want I can join a party or make my own with henchmen and heroes. Speaking of players, I figured it might be a ghost town since the last time I played. I was wrong, I have found an abundance of players everywhere I go. I even had someone already try to flirt with me, as soon as I logged in my first character. Gross...

There is PvE and PvP. You can do both or just one, which is cool for people only interested in one or the other. I prefer having a PvE character just to do both with. However if you only prefer to PvP, you can start a PvP character at 20. Guild PvP, group PvP or random matches. It's pretty fun.

I haven't gotten very far at all yet, I'm sure I'll be writing about my adventures and progress in the posts to come. Dire has been interested in it. He hasn't started up but I think he will soon. For now we are playing Everquest together still.Which is quite fine with me.

If you haven't checked it out, there is a free trial. You can find it here. The game has no subscription either, all you need to do is buy the game and expansions. The best bet is the trilogy/game of the year edition. It's well worth it.

Hope everyone is having fun with whatever they are playing!


  1. I've never tried Guild Wars...I have enough addictions already! Ha!

  2. Tell me about it LOL!

    It's fun though, plus no subscription is awesome.




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