Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So, today I was very lazy. I was sick the last two nights, fine in the day.. very odd. So the fatigue finally caught up to me I suppose. I'm feeling a little better now though, so I thought I'd write a late evening post. Brushing up on what I've been doing-Which has been.. not very much at all.

I'm still mostly playing EQ when Dire is on. Which can be 1-2 hours tops in a pay session. I'm not bored with it, it's just more fun to have someone to play with, especially as a Shaman. We are getting some much needed aa's under our belts, which will help in the future. He has been playing some on the PS3 a bit too and working quite a lot lately. I think I will pop into EQ myself this evening and try to get a group and see how that goes.

Guild Wars hasn't been rolling along as well as I thought it would. While I enjoy the game, I've not really found a class combo I like very much. I am still messing around with several characters. I seem to grow bored quickly and play in spurts. It is a great game, I just have to decide what will be fun for me to play. Once I do though, I can play in the new expansion Eye of the North, which should be fresh and fun.

I am just bored in general I suppose. Not much new and exciting in any of the games I play. Starting over with characters can sometimes be fun and other times tedious. Same with Everquest, The only thing there is, I do not look forward to the latest expansion Underfoot as I will be so far behind. This is not an expansion that holds much excitement for people that are behind in the game, as it is very harsh. Mobs hit harder than ever in group content, come in pairs which makes it even worse and named spawns are all over the place (spawn points, not the actual elusive creatures). Maybe by the time I catch up a new expansion will be out and this one will just all be a bad dream we can skip!

I keep thinking about playing Everquest 2 on the side with some friends or even WoW again. I don't know which would be the better. I have been holding out though playing one or the other for now. I just really feel bored with games lately, and it's not been so long ago since I played either of these. At times I miss them both. EQ2 would probably offer the most to me as I have friends playing again... Now on two different servers. Gah, why couldn't they have gone to my server.. Ah the complications!

One thing I have done though, I saw Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It was fantastic.We actually went for my son's birthday. It was such a lovely movie, with a slight variation from the story. I thought it was the best version of it so far, as I have seen them all.

Hope everyone is having fun with whatever they are playing. If not, off with your heads!


  1. Great post and pic! The movie was so very good!!! And I saw it 2 times lol.

  2. I want to see it in 3-D now LOL.

  3. Perhaps you just need a break from gaming.

    I get like that at times and will take a break from gaming when that happens. I'm on a small break atm. I still love gaming but... the real world is busy and a lot more exciting than the virtual world. ;) Ok, so the real world is always more exciting than the virtual world, heh. However this time well I'm not taking a 'me break' into the virtual world.

  4. Ah no, no breaks for me ;)

    I'm just bored with what I was playing, needing something with more interaction and depth. Everquest is great but when the ol' man isn't here (working lots of overtime- six days a week), I get bored. I am trying to stay within aa and level range of him.

    Some friends and I have plans to play together in another game so I am excited :D

  5. Boredom in the MMORPG genre is rampant right now so don't feel like you are the only one.
    The community in general is waiting for the next great "messiah game" to lead us all out of the wilderness.
    Veteran players especially are getting tired of the standard quest arcs, go here, click that and go back for your cookie!

  6. Hehe, yeah I read a lot of blogs where I find others are bored also. I think I have found something to keep me entertained in the gaming area for awhile though :D




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