Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daily Grind With Some PS3

I am thinking about firing up the ol' EQ2 account tonight. My friend has been waiting on my to start. I really like the game, I just ended up with a 'lonely' feeling there last time around. I've been sort of lazy and sort of busy and I sort of dread some of those zones I've leveled in so many times. Some of them I really do not like. Zek.. Ugh it makes me nauseous thinking about that zone. But I do like other aspects of the game.

Allods has been keeping me busy for a little bit today. I've had a few people ask what class I am. At the low level I am, it seems I kill faster than a lot of other classes. That's kind of why I dropped all my other characters for this one. I don't mind slow killing, I do mind having to regen up after every fight, be it mana or health. One silver for food and drink, meh...

The Scout is really a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I am only level eight but that is because my time playing has been spent trying out every character I was interested in. I wanted a feel for them all. I actually had a lot of fun trying them all out too. I am still only playing it on the side so I am sure most people are leaps and bounds ahead of me. I think it's a keeper for my secondary game though. It's so lovely.

My Shaman in Everquest is coming along nicely. We have three across my accounts on different servers. It's just such a strong class and I really enjoy it. We are still parked at 60 and 61 getting some aa's that we need. Dire playing a tank class, needs a lot of them, and we don't mind. It's always fun getting new ranks of this or that, new abilities too.

I am thinking about starting a Monk too. It's one class I never had a chance to play up. It just looks like a lot of fun. Plus an alt I don't have to buy tons of spells with- leveling the Shaman I spent so much time running to get spells some days.

I rented Dante's Inferno last night for the PS3. I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet. But it really looks sweet. I did watch Dire give it a go, so I hope later on to get a chance to try it out. Lots of boobies.. I thought it was going to be about hell >.< So far it does look like a lot of fun though. I am not into console games as much as some people, there are some really good looking games out these days though!

So what's everyone else been getting into?

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