Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Allods, Yikes!

Part 1
Well, today is the day! I logged in and played though the tutorial which was fun. Once I got out into the open it wasn't as fun though. Simply put, there are too many people in the starting area. I will have to try again later. Mobs are killed as fast as they spawn and people keep pouring into the same area as others move out. At one point the lag was pretty yucky.

I suppose I will just try again later and see if things slow down some. Or maybe just skip the starting quests altogether. The thing is they put all the races of said faction in one starting area with not enough mobs. When things slow down it will not be so bad, it wasn't in closed beta.

I hope others are having more fun than I. I am sure it will get better as it starts to thin out as people level! So, let me know how the first day was if you played! I made a summoner named Sable on the Nezeb server, feel free to say hi if you happen to play on my server!

Part 2
Instead of making a new post I figured I would add more to this post about my progress in Allods. Of course, as we move closer to the evening hours, the servers are filling up even more. The Nezeb server had some massive lag, I was booted out several times. When I wasn't lagging or getting kicked.. there weren't any mobs up to kill in the new area.

I tried the opposite  faction which was just as bad when it came to quest mobs. In my eyes, it would have been a much smoother launch for open beta if they had split each race into it's own starting area. I suppose you get what you pay for.. heh.  Then again it will settle down and as the game ages  starting together can be a good thing, so it is a catch-22. For now it's really not so great though if you are wanting to play.

I decided to try the Tensess server  which was a bit better on lag, I was able to get a few mobs here and there but there are just too many people playing in these areas now for me to enjoy it at all. I really wanted to log in, relax a bit and play, but that just isn't happening. So off to Everquest it is.

I will wait a day or two before I try to really play again. Let the dust settle down a bit! I did enjoy the game with the tutorial. Too bad I couldn't stay in there to level!



  1. I've actually been seriously thinking about playing this.

    That character on your screenshot looks awesome!

    I didn't know any Allod races had cool wings like that. Like pixies?

  2. Ty, they are so pretty! Sort of like pixies, you can't customize the wings but they are pretty neat looking.

    There are so many cool races. It is worth a try for sure.. once the flood of new players settles!

  3. Looks great! Impressed here!




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