Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun in Norrath (EQ)

Things have been going very well for me in Norrath. My little Shadowknight is now level 45, I hope to have her at least 50 tonight. In the hotzones levels are flying by, some are better than others though. Howling Stones was pretty meh, so I will be heading off to Veksar.

I want to hit 51 so I can get run speed three. I was tempted on getting Tboots, ( I am much too lazy to camp Jboots!) but it would pretty much be a waste as I've leveled so quickly. There is a nifty little trick on getting those as any race, even if you are evil. In the past I've tried the illusion and charisma deal, with some races you are not going to be able to get past what deity you follow, to buy them. However if you bank your money for the boots in the shroud bank (potions also, SoW, Cloudy Pots ect), you can just run there as the Rogue-Goblin Shroud. Once there the merchant still won't sell to you, but you can sneak behind him and buy them. Pretty nifty little trick if you really want them.

My little guild is quite friendly, a few of us have grouped a few times now. Often I like to solo so I can blow through the content at these low levels, but I don't mind if someone wants to come along. I am trying to push to 59 for a few AAs then park her at 65 for a lot more. We even did a LDoN, you can do those with only two people if need be, a merc can count as a third.

It's been nice and relaxing for the most part. The people are quite nice, more often than not. I enjoy revisiting the old zones. I am also having a lot of fun playing the Shadowknight class. Invis, Fiegn Death, Life Taps and Snare make it quite fun. With the addition of a pet and merc it's quite easy to just go off on my own and level.

Something that has changed since I have been gone- pets. They no longer disappear when you log out, which is really an awesome change. I was quite happy to see this change. Other than that I haven't noticed a whole lot that has changed recently. It's not the game it once was, however it's evolved into something I quite like. I would say I like it more now than I ever did. It is very enjoyable to be playing again!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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