Saturday, January 23, 2010

10 Reasons Everquest Is Still Great!

Oh noes not another EQ post! But it's so nice to be playing again! Today in my feed reader I saw several posts about gear score and meters. It's nice to be away from that sometimes. I'm not saying EQ is free of this mentality. I know currently I am playing a class that is heavily dependent on AA and gear- but it doesn't feel as harsh. You can go at your own pace, stop and work on AAs. What keeps me coming back after all these years? Here's my list of 10 reasons EQ is still great to play!

1- The community. The people are nice, helpful and genuine. It's a very nice environment to play in.  

2- The wide range of classes. There are so many unique classes, it can be hard to pick what you want to play. There is something for everyone. Each class has a unique feel.

3- Alternate Advancement. Starting at 51 you can work on alternate skills. There's a vast amount of things you can work on- from run speed increase to class specific abilities. Once you reach max level you still have something to work on and look forward to. 

4- Races. There are so many races to pick from. The good thing is, even though there are factions, you are not penalized from picking a race when it comes to playing with friends. You can still play with friends no matter what you decide to play.

5- Zones and Hotzones. There is a vast world to explore. You are not going to find a bigger world in any other MMORPG to adventure in. With the 16th expansion out, you can imagine how massive it really is. 'You're in our world now'- they really mean it! Hotzones add a boost to xp when leveling there, I love these! There are also 'daily' quests for each of them with multiple rewards.

6- Content and Lore. If you are a lore buff, this game is immensely rich in lore. There is so much content to work on, you can find many ways to stay busy as you level. Even at max level you still have plenty to do. The nice thing is, in today's Everquest it's easier to catch up and join in with friends and the rest or Norrath! Plus you get to see the game that started the rest!

7- Mercs. I absolutely love mercs. Can't find a healer or a tank? Grab a merc! This makes forming groups and soloing (moloing heh) easier than ever. Mercs can't join raids, but that is to be expected. 

8- Interaction- with GM's, Guides and Developers. GM events, guides popping in to touch base with players and Developers staying in touch with the community are some nice things about this game. It shows they care and creates a fun atmosphere. 

9- Shrouds. While shrouds are not the best thing about the game they are quite handy. It's a unique system with many advantages. You can group with a low level friend or use them to fill a specific role. 

10- Epic Quests. These are truly epic, the class specific Epics. They are meaningful and rewarding. I've yet played a game where rewards feel epic.

So there you have it, my ten reasons I still love the game! I could list more.. I'll spare you readers though ;)
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