Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What role do you fall into? (MMO)

I've been slow to go doing much of anything in my games the last couple of days. A little bit of a family crisis last night, which is fine now. Thank heavens.. "Little Brother if you are reading this, go play WoW to keep busy!", had company tonight and tomorrow I will be out as it will be my Birthday!

Last night I didn't do much until Dire logged in so we could start the Dailies in Icecrown for the Argent Tournament. Some of them I am not a fan of like the mounted quests, ugh.. my carpal tunnel screams stop. So I will at least a few times. Most of the time I skip a few of the mounted ones a few times a week.

I randomly did some quests as flying with the Druid makes it much nicer, did VH a couple of times. I am itching to play the Hunter but I really want to get the Druid 80 first. I switched my talents around a bit thanks to Lissanna's insight on her blog and the stickies on the WoW forums. I had to change a few things out to my pref, but it was a lot of help. Resto is just so nice for healing, I really can't wait to get Nourish at 80. I love being able to keep the group up easier, it is a big change from the Holy Paladin. The last time I healed seriously with a Druid was back hrmm.. Vanilla WoW (as everyone likes to call it) in MC and Baron 10 man groups, 15 man Black Rock Mountain Groups.. Long time ago. I've done some in BC but mostly I was feral, off-tanking in Kara and in heroics. I do not really like tanking, I think I am a decent tank, however it's just not the role for me. I've always gravitated to healing roles.

Do you have a role in games you seem to always fall into? While I sometimes envy the DPS classes  roles in groups and raids I always seem to miss healing when I'm not. Well not always, a lot of the time though. Some people are really good at certain roles. My husband was always a great tank, even back in Everquest, so I always think he should play one as he excels with the role. He is a great dps but it's like why waste that skill when you could be mah tank! plus he really has a good understanding for mechanics. I think I am a good healer, let me toot my own horn, right?! I feel very comfortable healing. I just have been healing for a loooong time, so it fits like an old shoe.

Do you gravitate to a certain class with that specific role? My husband always seems to tank as a Warrior in the games he plays. I was a cleric in EQ2 and felt more inclines with the Paladin for awhile but I always seemed to like Druids even back in EQ2 also. For the longest time in WoW I liked the Druid healer better than a Priest, and to this day I still do. I felt in-tune with the class more I suppose.

And my last question for you readers; are you out there? Just kidding! Do you feel you are pigeonholed into that role when you want to play something else, may it be from guildies or friends? Dire always expects me to play the healer. There were times I didn't and he was fine, but it makes it smoother when I do.

I think tonight I may log into EQ2 for a little bit as I have neglected it some, or maybe I should level my Druid a little bit... Safe Adventures to all!


  1. Urgh I hate and I mean hate the mounted quests at the argent tournament!!! They are a real beast and get boring very very quickly, still once I start levelling my DK I'll probably just use it to raise some gold at 80 as the 'normal quests' give a fair bit of gold although the rewards are crap for the tokens these days.

  2. Yeah, I do them as much as I can, nice rewards. They still really suck!
    I am sort of grumpy with WoW atm.

  3. I've always been one of two things in every MMORPG I've played. A healer and pet class. I started as a healer initially in EQ, in the form of a Druid. This was around 1999 to 2001-2002 if I remember correctly.

    Once I began getting closer to max, I realized I couldn't keep up with the efficiency of a Cleric at those levels. I loved healing so much I was just going to have to start over as a Cleric.

    I was actually very good at both. I learned so much remaining in the background and basically setting the pace for the group, allowing them to go as quickly or slowly as my abilities would allow.

    As I became more distracted here at home, I realized I would have to leave healing behind and play something less detrimental if I had to go AFK or leave the group and something easier to find a replacement for, so I started a Mage.

    As it turns out, I took to the Mage just as well as the Druid and Cleric. There are some similarities, I think as far as micro-management and I think my experiences as cleric for so long really contributed to my ability to play my Mage so well.

    I can remember doing some pretty amazing things with both of these classes that I received many compliments on and even some smaller things that were no big deal, but meant something to someone because they were subtleties only someone who played either class from level 1 would do without being told or even knew could be done in the first place.

    I'll cut this off a bit, considering I could talk about how awesome I am/was as healers and pet classes all day. With that being said though, I have "tried" most every class of every MMORPG I've played.

    For whatever reason, I absolutely, positively SUCK (note the emphasis I'm trying to express here) at everything else. You mentioned your husband being a really good tank? Yeah, mad props to your husband because I have tried to tank well and it's just something I don't believe I'll ever be good at doing.

    This pretty much goes for all other classes in every other MMORPG I've played. I ended up being a Ranger/Creature Handler in early SWG and a Hunter in WoW. Both of which, I actually to have more in common with the EQ Mage than the WoW Mage. Hell, the Warlock was more like a Mage than the Mage.

    Anyway, let me nip that in the bud before I go hating on WoW again. In closing, I don't believe I've ever truly been "pigeonholed" into playing a class. At this point, simply know which classes I excel with and feel like we're all spending so much time and money to a great gaming experience that I'd being doing a disservice to those I'm playing with not to do what I know.

    Others enjoying their gaming time as much as I do far outweighs whatever personal desires I've had or may have to play a particular class/role, assuming those desires even existed, which they don't and probably never will for the reasons I've stated.

    Knowing and doing what I'm good at feels great and others acknowledging that I know what I'm doing feels great. Being that guy who'd rather be had a group versus the next guy is also pretty awesome and does wonders for my e-peen (kidding, of course, but not really).

  4. For me first was the Necro. Druid Cleric later, more recently Mage. The husband did a LOT of leveling on her so I cheated... We boxed three accounts a lot. I still have Mage and Cleric a necro too for nostalgic reasons. This past year I ended up playing a lot of classes I never tried before. Like the Beast Lord and Enchanter. I miss those classes.

    I don't feel the need to heal in EQ anymore. I guess with mercs added it is much easier to play other stuff. In WoW it's so easy I suppose to slip into the healer role and get into the groove quickly.

    I was thinking last night how I want to fire up the ol' EQ account. My home was Lanys but now I play on Bristlebane. I don't know if I will but all this talk makes me miss it. It's still a great game. Somehow I don't think the Husband can take too many trips back to other games. I'm more of the adventurer. Last time we quit he played Evony for several months..gah.. snore fest.

    As you said it is nice to feel you did your job well and the group benefits from it. And yeah tanking is not a role I fit into easily either, so much stress!

    Do you play any MMO these days? I better wrap this short novel up before it gets late lol, I need to get ready for my Birthday dinner!

  5. I really can't keep myself interested in anything enough to play for an extended period of time. I've bounced around so much I just don't bother anymore. At this point I'm waiting for something I know will keep me playing for years.

    There are potentials, such as "World of Darkness" in development by CCP Games. I was watching 38 Studios and BioWare for their upcoming releases, but they've already rubbed me the wrong way with several things they've said about what their plans are.

    We'll see how those go, but for now, I think it's safe to say WoD is the only one I'm really interested in. While I know PvP is sure to play a role in this world, it's a rare gem that would have me playing regardless.

    If you've never read up on it, do so and you'll see what I mean. Also, assuming you have an opportunity to get your hands on a copy of "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines", do not hesitate and play it immediately.

  6. I'll have to look into that one. I still want to check out DA. Mythos is due out for a 2nd release in 2010 if you haven't checked it out, fun game. SWTOR looks like it might be good too. I don't get too excited these days after the last two years worth of releases left one feeling jaded.

    I've played too many games this year I'm trying to wait till next year to try out anything else new lol. I went through a big WoW Burn out which spurred this Blog as it was something I had wanted to do for a long time, never had the time.

    There are a couple of really stable Classic EQ servers, not going to get into depth on those as I don't dabble in that area of gray. I have enough trouble keeping my son from running private servers. A big no no.

    What server did you play on in EQ? Would it be Lanys by chance ;)

  7. I played on Veeshan mostly. I've made characters on other servers to play around when I got a wild hair and came back to see how things changed, but those days are long gone. The only thing that would ever bring me back is a true classic server that they promise to never mess with. No RMT, no card game, etc...

  8. Ah I never played there, we played around the same time, I started in 2000. Bristlebane is home for my EQ characters now after the merges.

    There's always a topic on the forums 'busting at the seams' with requests for a classic server. I don't know if they will ever add one in honestly. The Mayong server was about as close to memory lane as I've had yet.




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