Monday, November 30, 2009

Player Etiquette (WoW MMO)

This weekend I had full rested the whole time I was leveling my Druid plus 20% xp bonus off my heirloom items. This pushed along two levels quite nicely as I was getting really antsy about getting Cold Weather Flying for her. Last night I ended up hitting 77 in DTK. I am so glad! Woo I can fly past all the annoying stuff once again. Insta flight at that!

If you come here often you might have noticed I was a bit burnt out on healing with the Paladin and Priest (who are semi retired). Of course reading that I am playing yet another hybrid you may think I'm a glutton for punishment. I'm actually really enjoying a new healing role. Plus I like Boomkin well enough to level with, not enough to use it as my main spec at 80 though. If I want to DPS, Hunter will be where it's at. She is next on the list.

I actually ended up being dps in a couple of groups yesterday that the ol' man got me into. I've really been having fun healing with the Druid, throwing hots all over the place. So switching to dps was sort of boring. It was a snore fest really.Listening to the tank brag on the Priest was annoying too, simply because we had to beg her for priest buffs, which she finally handed out a few single casts towards the end of the instance. Don't blow up peoples heads when they need to learn still. My Warrior thinks I'm just a B*tch about things a lot. I'm just one who likes things done right. Do your job if your going to fill the role. Don't make people beg you for buffs. I think I died twice, I started using tranquility after that if we started getting low, which helped. Maybe I'm just hard nosed, however I try not to be rude about it though. I know new healers take time to get use to how things work. I just rant out loud to my husband. Poor fella.. lol.

While healing has been pretty laid back there are instances where people try to tank who shouldn't be. Well that makes me look bad and I don't appreciate it. Heck even healers can fill this spot too. If you are a new healer, you may not know that it's not your fault the group didn't go well. Or the same could be with a tank with a bad healer. DPS who just don't have a clue can make a group rough too. Why did we die?! While it's been ages since I heard this... I even have had my husband get mad in the past because I had a hard time healing (on the priest) an under-geared tank. While on the Paladin it was easier to keep one up. Luckily on my Druid I have a fantastic tank by my side most of the time. It spoils me.

Anyhow, as I was saying, when others don't preform as they should, it can lead to a quick burn out. This falls heavier on the tank and healer roles. I'm not perfect but I try to correct anything I find I am doing wrong and research my class to make sure I'm doing all I can be. I read a lot of info on the class I am currently playing. I've always done this from back in my EQ days. I was such a newb and one day I wanted to be better.

Speaking of reading, I love reading other gamers blogs and I've added some more on my list there. I like to read blogs that give information and outlooks on the classes I play (and insight on the ones I don't), see what other people are up to and just get other perspectives on the MMO scene. So if you are a reader and have a blog leave a comment and I'll add you and check out your blog! I'm always excited about finding another cool blog.

So do you ever feel bad when a group goes bad, even though it's not your fault you're not a miracle workers? Or how about when you or another player gets picked on by some jerk with a massive ego? There's a balance you have to keep in mind. You could go around being a jerk, who wants to be like that all the time? While you stive to be good and others don't.. well you have to be respectful still, part ways if you don't see it working. No reason to call names and leave with a dramatic exit. I joined a group that was in progress in OK the other day. The were making fun of the previous healer, on how bad he healed. I was filling his spot, was he bad or did he smarten up and leave early... flashed through my mind  While they were nice people, the tank was an 80 DK in dps gear with a more dps oriented spec. She took a lot of damage and threat was all over the place. While it wasn't a hard instance it made it less enjoyable to heal her than if I was healing a person specced and geared to tank. A newer healer might have been  frazzled with the situation. That's my guess what happened with him.

These days I try to have tough skin and not let things bother me, however things do bother me sometimes. Snide comments about dps not being up to par. For instance we were doing a AN group the other day where I was healing. The Paladin in all the Heirloom gear he could get is doing about 1.4k dps or so. While the other Paladin is doing around 900dps. This group ranges from around 74-76. He wasn't doing bad for crying out loud, leveling specs and gear are different than what it will be at 80. The poor guy offered to leave. I don't like this attitude, don't spam your damn meter in my group I have one. I use recount, the only thing is I don't spam it unless someone asks to see a report. Even if I am on the top I still don't like to spam it. These days everyone has a meter. Ok ok ... /rant off. I told him he was fine, told the other guy to chill.

This annoys me to no end, making other players feel bad for no reason other to boost your own ego. While I do speak about preforming up to par, you can't go shoving this down peoples throats. Offering advice in a helpful manner, not by bashing the player. While I may sound as if my groups were bad and annoying, they were not all that bad. Pretty smooth for the most part this weekend. I am speaking of the last five years of playing in general. This isn't a rant, maybe more of a lifeline throwing out there to newer players who might be struggling or older players suffering from burn out who need a little coaxing to keep on chugging even when people sometimes do these things. I know, groups are serious business right? Well these are the people you will be raiding with (so to speak).. so you tell me. Bad habits in groups don't change in raids. Neither do attitudes.

I have also met some really cool people in groups. It is nice finding people to group with on a regular basis while leveling after playing some of the lower populated games I have over the last few months. I've gotten some nice gear to help push me to the top with Nyomi. In all honesty my group experience has been very good so far with her. I look forward to finally hitting the top and gearing her up. Poor little Dr00d has sat there at 70 for hrmm.. a year?

The topic of todays post sort of went into a direction I didn't plan heh. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. It took on a mind of it's own.. didn't mean to ramble on so long today!!

Oh.. the SS is the little guild I'm currently in, they wanted a SS of the first guild group :) So we all lined up and took pics. My Dire missed this one.


  1. Hey /waves an excellent read. I leveled my first priest as Holy. I put her in a lot of groups from the time she was eligible all the way to end game. When I was new to the role I blamed myself for everything (bad tanks, trigger-happy DPS) as time went by I was able to spot the people who were making healing a living hell.

    As yourself I read up on the classes I play, as well as the ones I don't. It gives me a better understanding of the classes. These days I've been playing my Druid. I picked up Restoration once she dinged 40 so now I have two specs; Feral and Restoration. I've been mainly playing Resto since the bulk of my leveling has been in Battlegrounds. I like healing in those. Never seem to be enough healers in BG's. :) I'm thinking about checking out Moonkin as my 'other spec' I have three other Druids and they are 'kitty' so now playing as kitty the rare occasions I quest seems boring to me.

  2. Thank you! One of those posts where I ended up saying much more than I had in mind! I get carried away sometimes, glad you enjoyed it :D

    This is actually my 2nd I'm playing up. I was feral resto with the first, so I wanted to try something different this time. Moonkin is fun, the rotation is nice after the crazy one I had as a shadow priest. The more I play in Balance the more I like it, I'm pretty smitten with resto as a main spec tho.




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