Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reasons Why Everquest 2 is Great!

It's been a few days since I've spoke about my other MMO, Everquest 2. I wanted to just go over some of the reasons it keeps me so interested. Syp over at  Bio Break had asked Everquest 2 bloggers what made EQ2 better than WoW a few days ago. While I didn't get the chance to participate it made me think of my own list of why this game is so great. When it comes down to which is better, it really comes depends on player preference in my eyes. This is merely list of some of the fantastic features within this great game!

So lets begin with the reasons!

Mentoring- This is one of the greatest features in EQ2. It's very unique. While Everquest (original) offered Shrouding, this was something really inventive and new. You can still play your higher level character with a friend even if there is a level gap. You simply scale down to their level, everything scales down. This is something I miss when playing other games. You can always play with friends no matter the level gap.

Lore- I've always loved the Everquest lore so I may be biased! Everquest 2 is no exception when it comes to a fantastic world of lore to immerse yourself within. The lore is very solid and fits into the realm of EQ2, if you are an EQ vet you feel right at home as if you were only gone for a short time. It's like a puzzle fitting into place.

Events- I'm a holiday event junkie. This game offers some of the best in game events I've come across in any game. While it might not offer as many as WoW year round, the event it offers are packed full of things to do that you can't get enough of. Instances, quests and collections.. they really keep you busy while having a lot of fun! I am excited about Frostfell this year, it will be my first year participating in it on the "good" side.

Community- The community is great. While the game is rather top heavy, when you do meet people you really see what the game is all about. It's a wonderful online community. Both Everquest games have some of the best player environments I've yet to see in others. I often see people offering to mentor down to group with others, which is nice to see.

Fluff-  I love fluff! I could go on and on about the little things that make this game so neat. Fluff Pets, illusion items, awesome mounts, claim items, vanity gear and the appearance tab. House items! If you like that kind of thing, this game has a huge amount of fluff I don't see in a lot of other games. I am still wowed when I play because I've yet to see it all. Player written books are a unique feature of this game also.

Class and Race selection- In EQ2 there is no hinder for race deity choices when it comes to playing with friends. None of the problem with playing on the wrong faction. Sure you may not be able to go into the same cities but you can group with your friends to your hearts desire.

The race selection is huge. If you want something out of the norm this game offers many unique races to choose from. You also get to choose some really cool deities with benefits.

Class choice is probably one of the largest in an MMO (besides DAoC, and not nearly as limited to race). It is sometimes hard to pick a class because this game offers so many wonderful classes. Plus when you hit the cap on your alt there is bound to be something else you are going to want to play as an alt. There is also a bonus in xp for alts, for having characters at the max level which is nice!


Housing- Who doesn't like player housing?! I wasn't big on it until I played games that offered this. Now I absolutely love it. It's really cool to design the inside as you like. Putting in items you gained from questing or killing a boss is an added bonus to the coolness factor. Selling items in your hose is also a great reason to have one.

Betrayal- Sure you can now buy a potion from the Station Store and change your race. Or you could be bold and betray! The betrayal line is where you betray your home city. You become an outcast in Haven and have to work on quests to gain faction to either join the other faction or even to rejoin the faction which you left. This was one of the coolest things in any game I've ever played. Each class has two sides of the coin for good and bad. Once you betray you (as most classes when changing alignment), change to the class on the other faction. I was an 'Evil' Brigand of Neriak, once I betrayed to Qeynos I was a 'Good' Swashbuckler. So if you tire of your class, you can always try the other side of the spectrum. The cool thing is, if you don't like it, you can always do it again and go back.

So those are some of the really cool things. There are so many great things I've not even touched on but I could sit here all day listing them. Sometimes I tell people that I play and they ask why it's so good. Oh let me tell you... So I decided to make a list of why I love this game!

See you in Norrath! 

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