Friday, December 4, 2009

Druid Musings

I've actually not done anything exciting in WoW the last couple of days. Working on my levels here and there. Dire has been bored the last few nights not playing much, so I'm out doing quests on my own. If he ends up getting bored I may end up leveling the Hunter sooner than I had planned. I suppose it depends on how it goes with the Druid once I hit 80. I can just see it though, those horrific pugs and me healing one after another. I suppose I could always head the way of the Boomkin! Pew pew pew, no heals for you!

The other night I had thought about dropping Balance for Feral, but Balance has really grown on me since I picked it up. The only thing that annoys me is hit rating. I despise this stat. Although I appreciate what it does, I would like it better if it was talent oriented instead of gear being added into the equation also. With combining plus healing and plus damage to be spell power, which I thought would help, they added in something else to be just as annoying for healers. Woe is me. I guess I'll live with it.

The Druid is almost 79, not quite. I am waiting on Dire to catch up so we can do some PvP in this bracket. While I'm not the biggest PvPer I do like to play in this bracket sometimes. Stop and smell the flowers, not burn myself out rushing to 80. I was actually thinking of working on my DK some, she has been neglected pretty much since last year? I got her to 80 and then there were so many DKs running around that I couldn't find a group. For now I'm so close to 80 with the Druid I will just focus on that.

Speaking of Druids, I also want to thank Deimonia from Heals and Dots, my newest Druid friend for her support and outreach to me in the blogging community! It's tough sometimes writing and getting noticed and it's always wonderful when someone stops over and says hello and really reaches out! And thanks to my other visitors, you always make my day by leaving a comment!

Safe adventures all!


  1. What a lovely picture! It makes me almost wished I had leveled my NE Druid. I cannot get into playing Night Elves for some reason, although I adore reading about them in WoW lore.

    Yeah the hit is a pain I never worried about it too much with my priest when I was mainly PvE but now since I'm mainly doing PvP yes I get hit too.

    You'll have blast with the Druid in PvP. I normally keep Nature's Grasp on myself since the opposing faction loves to target healers. :) Abolish poison is kept handy too, so when a rogue is nearby I can instantly pop that on myself. I learned to use Barkskin early to combat the up close and personal attacks. Since I put points into Shapeshifter I regularly shift into various forms to combat whatever attack comes my way. It's a lot of fun for sure!

    I also se Free action potion and all my PvP toons have the PvP trinket that will break stuns. Definitely something to pick up it has its uses in PvE too. :)
    Thanks so much for the mention in your post. It made me smile. :)

  2. I thought about switching her to the Horde at one point but I think I needed a change of scenery lol.

    Years ago I the switching into forms bothered me (I was use to not having to use them as they didn't offer much in vanilla!). But now it's really nice now with all the utility the forms offer.

    Natures grasp is really nice too! The Druid has come a long way from when I first played it. It's evolved into such a unique class.

    Hope the leveling is going well for you in Outland =D




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