Monday, November 23, 2009

The Turkinator (WoW)

Pilgrim's Bounty has been a lot of fun. At first I was thinking it would be a pain to get all of the achievements, honestly they were not that bad. I think the most annoying was the Turkinator, however I did that one late at night so it was a little easier. With beast tracking (I used the critter bites on my Druid), it was much easier. I also made a macro to target the little 'Turtreys' and cast/shoot, which made the achievement smoother to get.

I have just two more things to go for my last Achievement on the Hunter, I need to turn 2 more rogues into turkeys. The Druid is still working on it but I hope to be done with it tomorrow. I think I may help the hubby get his too, he is always slow getting into holiday events. Soon the cute little Plump Turkey and title will be mine! I think the Paladin will have to pass getting it this year,  if I get the urge to I may get it on that one also, as of now I am turkey-ed out.

We had a great time watching New Moon last night. I can't wait for the next two movies to come out. Every time Jacob's character took his shirt off or had no shirt on.. which was half  of the movie.. the women/girls were screaming and whistling in the theater, my husband claims the first to yell was a guy (I will admit it was a deep voice hehe). It got kinda annoying. When Bella leaned her hand on Jacob at one point a girl yelled out "OMG she's so lucky!".. And when Edward took his shirt off, silence. What no love for Edward?! I was actually grateful for the silence heh. All in all it was a nice movie, we had a good time.

That's it for now, safe adventures everyone!




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